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# Copyright (c) 2013, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
# for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
# BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package/invalid_uri_test: Fail, OK # Fails intentionally
[ $runtime == vm && ( $system == windows ) ]
io/raw_socket_test: Pass, Fail # Issue 8901
io/http_shutdown_test: Pass, Fail # Issue 9101
[ $runtime == vm ]
package/package_isolate_test: Fail #
io/raw_server_socket_cancel_test: Pass, Fail, Timeout # Issue 8675
# Fails with a connection refused error on the buildbot.
# Issue 8232.
debugger/basic_debugger_test: Pass, Fail
[ $runtime == vm && $checked ]
# These tests have type errors on purpose.
io/process_invalid_arguments_test: Fail, OK
io/directory_invalid_arguments_test: Fail, OK
io/file_invalid_arguments_test: Fail, OK
io/socket_invalid_arguments_test: Fail, OK
io/stdout_bad_argument_test: Fail, OK
# These test have type errors on purpose and take very long to run in
# checked mode with no benefit. Skip.
io/file_fuzz_test: Skip
io/directory_fuzz_test: Skip
[ $runtime == vm && $system == macos ]
io/regress_7191_test: Pass, Timeout #
# This test fails with "Too many open files" on the Mac OS buildbot.
# This is expected as MacOS by default runs with a very low number
# of allowed open files ('ulimit -n' says something like 256).
io/socket_many_connections_test: Skip
# These tests pass on MacOS 10.8.2 but fails on the buildbot machines
# that are running an earlier version of MacOS. The issue is that the
# old version of MacOS does not expand the precomposed utf-8 it gets
# from the VM before comparing it to the decomposed utf-8 used for the
# file system.
io/file_non_ascii_sync_test: Pass, Fail
io/file_non_ascii_test: Pass, Fail
io/directory_non_ascii_sync_test: Pass, Fail
io/directory_non_ascii_test: Pass, Fail
io/process_non_ascii_test: Pass, Fail
[ $runtime == vm && $system == windows ]
io/file_system_links_test: Skip # No links on Windows.
[ $compiler == none && $runtime == drt ]
io/*: Skip # Don't run tests using dart:io in the browser
crypto/*: Skip # Don't run tests using dart:io in the browser
package/*: Skip # Do not run those in Dartium.
debugger/*: Skip # Do not run standalone debugger tests in browser.
[ $compiler == dartc ]
# package test issue 7392
package/package1_test: Fail
package/package_isolate_test: Fail
package/package_test: Fail
# The dart:io library is created at build time from separate files, and
# there is no language-spec compatible way to run unit tests on the private
# members and methods of dart:io.
# Dartc spots the misuse of 'part' directives in these unit tests.
crypto/*: Skip # dartc cannot parse dart:io unit tests.
io/mime_multipart_parser_test: Skip # dartc cannot parse dart:io unit tests.
io/http_headers_test: Skip # dartc cannot parse dart:io unit tests.
io/http_date_test: Skip # dartc cannot parse dart:io unit tests.
io/url_encoding_test: Skip # dartc cannot parse dart:io unit tests.
io/http_parser_test: Skip # dartc cannot parse dart:io unit tests.
io/web_socket_protocol_processor_test: Skip # dart:io unit test.
io/process_exit_negative_test: Fail # This is a compilation-time negative test.
[ $compiler == dart2js ]
number_identity_test: Skip # Bigints and int/double diff. not supported.
typed_data_test: Skip # This is a VM test
typed_data_view_test: Skip # This is a VM test
typed_data_isolate_test: Skip # This is a VM test
typed_array_test: Skip # This is a VM test
float_array_test: Skip # This is a VM test
int_array_test: Skip # This is a VM test
byte_array_view_optimized_test: Skip # This is a VM test
io/web_socket_protocol_processor_test: Skip # Importing code with external keyword
int_array_load_elimination_test: Skip # This is a VM test
medium_integer_test: Fail, OK # Test fails with JS number semantics: issue 1533.
io/process_exit_negative_test: Fail, OK # relies on a static error that is a warning now.
package/package_isolate_test: Skip # spawnUri does not work in dart2js. See issue 3051
debugger/*: Skip # Do not run standalone vm debugger tests with dart2js.
left_shift_bit_and_op_test: Skip # Integers exceed dart2js precision.
[ $compiler == dart2js && $jscl ]
assert_test: Fail, OK # Assumes unspecified fields on the AssertionError.
byte_array_test: Fail, OK # ByteArray
deoptimization_test: Fail, OK # Requires bigint.
out_of_memory_test: Fail, OK # d8 handles much larger arrays than Dart VM.
io/http_parser_test: Fail, OK # ByteArray
io/options_test: Fail, OK # Cannot pass options to d8.
[ $compiler == dart2js && $runtime == none ]
io/options_test: Fail
medium_integer_test: Pass # The test only fails at runtime, not at compilation.
[ $compiler == dart2js && $browser ]
*: Skip
[ $compiler == dart2js && $checked ]
io/http_read_test: Skip # Timeout TODO(ngeoffray): investigate
io/list_input_stream_test: Skip # Timeout TODO(ngeoffray): investigate
[ $runtime == dartium ]
typed_data_isolate_test: Skip # This test uses dart:io
[ $compiler == dart2dart ]
# Skip until we stabilize language tests.
*: Skip
[ $arch == arm ]
*: Skip
[ $arch == simarm ]
*: Skip
[ $arch == mips ]
*: Skip
[ $arch == simmips ]
*: Skip