Roll recipe dependencies (trivial).

This is an automated CL created by the recipe roller. This CL rolls recipe
changes from upstream projects (build, fuchsia, recipe_engine) into this repository.

build: (
    Remove `optional_dimensions` in the recipes (
    Switch to passing command lines via an isolated file. (
    Revert "Switch to passing command lines via an isolated file." (
    Remove unused scripts.
fuchsia: (
    [fxt] Bump to version:8 (
    [coverage] Update the covargs command with changed checkout root. (
    [build] affected_targets --disable-cpp and parse JSON output (
    Revert "[fxt] Bump to version:8" (
    [autoroller] Include the commit message in hash-object (
    [jiri] set INFRA_RECIPES=1 when calling jiri (
    [rust_toolchain] Move Rust CIPD under fuchsia/third_party (
    [build] always consider changes to integration "affected"
recipe_engine: (
    [tempfile] remove the deprecated recipe module completely

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Recipe-Tryjob-Bypass-Reason: Autoroller
Bugdroid-Send-Email: False
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