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// Copyright (c) 2014, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:async';
import 'dart:io';
import 'package:args/args.dart';
import 'package:args/command_runner.dart';
import 'package:http/http.dart' as http;
import 'package:path/path.dart' as p;
import 'command/build.dart';
import 'command/cache.dart';
import 'command/deps.dart';
import 'command/downgrade.dart';
import 'command/get.dart';
import 'command/global.dart';
import 'command/lish.dart';
import 'command/list_package_dirs.dart';
import 'command/run.dart';
import 'command/serve.dart';
import 'command/upgrade.dart';
import 'command/uploader.dart';
import 'command/version.dart';
import 'exceptions.dart';
import 'exit_codes.dart' as exit_codes;
import 'git.dart' as git;
import 'http.dart';
import 'io.dart';
import 'log.dart' as log;
import 'sdk.dart';
import 'solver.dart';
import 'utils.dart';
class PubCommandRunner extends CommandRunner {
/// Returns the nested name of the command that's currently being run.
/// Examples:
/// get
/// cache repair
/// Returns an empty string if no command is being run. (This is only
/// expected to happen when unit tests invoke code inside pub without going
/// through a command.)
static String get command {
if (_options == null) return "";
var list = <String>[];
for (var command = _options.command;
command != null;
command = command.command) {
return list.join(" ");
/// The top-level options parsed by the command runner.
static ArgResults _options;
String get usageFooter => "See for detailed "
PubCommandRunner() : super("pub", "Pub is a package manager for Dart.") {
argParser.addFlag('version', negatable: false, help: 'Print pub version.');
help: 'Print debugging information when an error occurs.');
.addOption('verbosity', help: 'Control output verbosity.', allowed: [
], allowedHelp: {
'error': 'Show only errors.',
'warning': 'Show only errors and warnings.',
'normal': 'Show errors, warnings, and user messages.',
'io': 'Also show IO operations.',
'solver': 'Show steps during version resolution.',
'all': 'Show all output including internal tracing messages.'
abbr: 'v', negatable: false, help: 'Shortcut for "--verbosity=all".');
hide: !isAprilFools,
negatable: false,
help: 'Execute commands with prejudice.');
hide: !isAprilFools,
negatable: false,
help: 'A more sparkly experience.');
addCommand(new BuildCommand());
addCommand(new CacheCommand());
addCommand(new DepsCommand());
addCommand(new DowngradeCommand());
addCommand(new GlobalCommand());
addCommand(new GetCommand());
addCommand(new ListPackageDirsCommand());
addCommand(new LishCommand());
addCommand(new RunCommand());
addCommand(new ServeCommand());
addCommand(new UpgradeCommand());
addCommand(new UploaderCommand());
addCommand(new VersionCommand());
Future run(Iterable<String> arguments) async {
try {
_options = super.parse(arguments);
} on UsageException catch (error) {
await flushThenExit(exit_codes.USAGE);
await runCommand(_options);
Future runCommand(ArgResults options) async {
log.withPrejudice = options['with-prejudice'];
log.sparkle = options['sparkle'];
if (options['version']) {
log.message('Pub ${sdk.version}');
if (options['trace']) {
switch (options['verbosity']) {
case 'error':
log.verbosity = log.Verbosity.ERROR;
case 'warning':
log.verbosity = log.Verbosity.WARNING;
case 'normal':
log.verbosity = log.Verbosity.NORMAL;
case 'io':
log.verbosity = log.Verbosity.IO;
case 'solver':
log.verbosity = log.Verbosity.SOLVER;
case 'all':
log.verbosity = log.Verbosity.ALL;
// No specific verbosity given, so check for the shortcut.
if (options['verbose']) log.verbosity = log.Verbosity.ALL;
log.fine('Pub ${sdk.version}');
await _validatePlatform();
var captureStackChains =
options['trace'] || options['verbose'] || options['verbosity'] == 'all';
try {
await captureErrors(() => super.runCommand(options),
captureStackChains: captureStackChains);
// Explicitly exit on success to ensure that any dangling dart:io handles
// don't cause the process to never terminate.
await flushThenExit(exit_codes.SUCCESS);
} catch (error, chain) {
log.exception(error, chain);
if (options['trace']) {
} else if (!isUserFacingException(error)) {
// TODO(23505): Implement proper shell escaping, not a partial hack.
protectArgument(String x) => x.contains(' ') ? '"$x"' : x;
This is an unexpected error. Please run
pub --trace ${' ')}
and include the logs in an issue on
await flushThenExit(_chooseExitCode(error));
void printUsage() {
/// Print a warning if we're running from the Dart SDK repo and pub isn't
/// up-to-date.
/// This is otherwise hard to tell, and can produce confusing behavior issues.
void _checkDepsSynced() {
if (!runningFromDartRepo) return;
if (!git.isInstalled) return;
var deps = readTextFile(p.join(dartRepoRoot, 'DEPS'));
var pubRevRegExp =
new RegExp(r'^ +"pub_rev": +"@([^"]+)"', multiLine: true);
var match = pubRevRegExp.firstMatch(deps);
if (match == null) return;
var depsRev = match[1];
var actualRev;
try {
actualRev =
git.runSync(["rev-parse", "HEAD"], workingDir: pubRoot).single;
} on git.GitException catch (_) {
// When building for Debian, pub isn't checked out via git.
if (depsRev == actualRev) return;
log.warning("${log.yellow('Warning:')} the revision of pub in DEPS is "
"but ${log.bold(actualRev)} is checked out in "
/// Returns the appropriate exit code for [exception], falling back on 1 if no
/// appropriate exit code could be found.
int _chooseExitCode(exception) {
if (exception is SolveFailure) {
var packageNotFound = exception.packageNotFound;
if (packageNotFound != null) exception = packageNotFound;
while (exception is WrappedException && exception.innerError is Exception) {
exception = exception.innerError;
if (exception is HttpException ||
exception is http.ClientException ||
exception is SocketException ||
exception is TlsException ||
exception is PubHttpException ||
exception is git.GitException ||
exception is PackageNotFoundException) {
return exit_codes.UNAVAILABLE;
} else if (exception is FileSystemException || exception is FileException) {
return exit_codes.NO_INPUT;
} else if (exception is FormatException || exception is DataException) {
return exit_codes.DATA;
} else if (exception is UsageException) {
return exit_codes.USAGE;
} else {
return 1;
/// Checks that pub is running on a supported platform.
/// If it isn't, it prints an error message and exits. Completes when the
/// validation is done.
Future _validatePlatform() async {
if (Platform.operatingSystem != 'windows') return;
var result = await runProcess('ver', []);
if (result.stdout.join('\n').contains('XP')) {
log.error('Sorry, but pub is not supported on Windows XP.');
await flushThenExit(exit_codes.USAGE);