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// Copyright (c) 2020, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:yaml/yaml.dart';
import '../command.dart';
import '../entrypoint.dart';
import '../io.dart';
import '../log.dart' as log;
import '../package.dart';
import '../pubspec.dart';
import '../solver.dart';
import '../yaml_edit/editor.dart';
/// Handles the `remove` pub command. Removes dependencies from `pubspec.yaml`,
/// and performs an operation similar to `pub get`. Unlike `pub add`, this
/// command supports the removal of multiple dependencies.
class RemoveCommand extends PubCommand {
String get name => 'remove';
String get description => 'Removes a dependency from the current package.';
String get argumentsDescription => '<package>';
String get docUrl => '';
bool get isOffline => argResults['offline'];
bool get isDryRun => argResults['dry-run'];
RemoveCommand() {
help: 'Use cached packages instead of accessing the network.');
abbr: 'n',
negatable: false,
help: "Report what dependencies would change but don't change any.");
help: 'Precompile executables in immediate dependencies.');
Future<void> runProtected() async {
if ( {
usageException('Must specify a package to be removed.');
final packages = Set<String>.from(;
if (isDryRun) {
final rootPubspec = entrypoint.root.pubspec;
final newPubspec = _removePackagesFromPubspec(rootPubspec, packages);
final newRoot = Package.inMemory(newPubspec);
await, entrypoint.lockFile, cache)
precompile: argResults['precompile'],
dryRun: true,
} else {
/// Update the pubspec.
await Entrypoint.current(cache).acquireDependencies(SolveType.GET,
precompile: argResults['precompile']);
Pubspec _removePackagesFromPubspec(Pubspec original, Set<String> packages) {
final originalDependencies = original.dependencies.values;
final originalDevDependencies = original.devDependencies.values;
final newDependencies = originalDependencies
.where((dependency) => !packages.contains(;
final newDevDependencies = originalDevDependencies
.where((dependency) => !packages.contains(;
return Pubspec(,
version: original.version,
sdkConstraints: original.sdkConstraints,
dependencies: newDependencies,
devDependencies: newDevDependencies,
dependencyOverrides: original.dependencyOverrides.values,
/// Writes the changes to the pubspec file
void _writeRemovalToPubspec(Set<String> packages) {
ArgumentError.checkNotNull(packages, 'packages');
final yamlEditor = YamlEditor(readTextFile(entrypoint.pubspecPath));
for (var package in packages) {
var found = false;
/// There may be packages where the dependency is declared both in
/// dependencies and dev_dependencies.
for (final dependencyKey in ['dependencies', 'dev_dependencies']) {
final dependenciesNode =
yamlEditor.parseAt([dependencyKey], orElse: () => null);
if (dependenciesNode is YamlMap &&
dependenciesNode.containsKey(package)) {
if (dependenciesNode.length == 1) {
} else {
yamlEditor.remove([dependencyKey, package]);
found = true;
if (!found) {
log.warning('Package "$package" was not found in pubspec.yaml!');
/// Windows line endings are already handled by [yamlEditor]
writeTextFile(entrypoint.pubspecPath, yamlEditor.toString());