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// Copyright (c) 2020, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:pub_semver/pub_semver.dart';
import 'package:yaml/yaml.dart';
import '../command.dart';
import '../entrypoint.dart';
import '../exceptions.dart';
import '../git.dart';
import '../io.dart';
import '../log.dart' as log;
import '../package.dart';
import '../package_name.dart';
import '../pubspec.dart';
import '../solver.dart';
import '../utils.dart';
import '../yaml_edit/editor.dart';
/// Handles the `add` pub command. Adds a dependency to `pubspec.yaml` and gets
/// the package. The user may pass in a git constraint, host url, or path as
/// requirements. If no such options are passed in, this command will do a
/// resolution to find the latest version of the package that is compatible with
/// the other dependencies in `pubspec.yaml`, and then enter that as the lower
/// bound in a ^x.y.z constraint.
/// Currently supports only adding one dependency at a time.
class AddCommand extends PubCommand {
String get name => 'add';
String get description => 'Add a dependency to pubspec.yaml.';
String get argumentsDescription => '<package>[:<constraint>] [options]';
String get docUrl => '';
bool get isOffline => argResults['offline'];
bool get isDev => argResults['dev'];
bool get isDryRun => argResults['dry-run'];
String get gitUrl => argResults['git-url'];
String get gitPath => argResults['git-path'];
String get gitRef => argResults['git-ref'];
String get hostUrl => argResults['hosted-url'];
String get path => argResults['path'];
String get sdk => argResults['sdk'];
bool get hasGitOptions => gitUrl != null || gitRef != null || gitPath != null;
bool get hasHostOptions => hostUrl != null;
AddCommand() {
abbr: 'd',
negatable: false,
help: 'Adds package to the development dependencies instead.');
argParser.addOption('git-url', help: 'Git URL of the package');
help: 'Git branch or commit to be retrieved');
argParser.addOption('git-path', help: 'Path of git package in repository');
argParser.addOption('hosted-url', help: 'URL of package host server');
argParser.addOption('path', help: 'Local path');
argParser.addOption('sdk', help: 'SDK source for package');
help: 'Use cached packages instead of accessing the network.');
abbr: 'n',
negatable: false,
help: "Report what dependencies would change but don't change any.");
help: 'Precompile executables in immediate dependencies.');
Future<void> runProtected() async {
if ( {
usageException('Must specify a package to be added.');
final packageInformation = _parsePackage(;
final package = packageInformation.first;
/// Perform version resolution in-memory.
final updatedPubSpec =
await _addPackageToPubspec(entrypoint.root.pubspec, package);
SolveResult solveResult;
try {
/// Use [SolveType.UPGRADE] to solve for the highest version of [package]
/// in case [package] was already a transitive dependency. In the case
/// where the user specifies a version constraint, this serves to ensure
/// that a resolution exists before we update pubspec.yaml.
solveResult = await resolveVersions(
SolveType.UPGRADE, cache, Package.inMemory(updatedPubSpec));
} on GitException {
dataError('Unable to resolve package "${}" with the given '
'git parameters.');
} on SolveFailure catch (e) {
} on WrappedException catch (e) {
/// [WrappedException]s may appear if an invalid [hostUrl] is passed in.
final resultPackage = solveResult.packages
.firstWhere((packageId) => ==;
/// Assert that [resultPackage] is within the original user's expectations.
if (package.constraint != null &&
!package.constraint.allows(resultPackage.version)) {
if (updatedPubSpec.dependencyOverrides != null &&
updatedPubSpec.dependencyOverrides.isNotEmpty) {
'"${}" resolved to "${resultPackage.version}" which '
'does not satisfy constraint "${package.constraint}". This could be '
'caused by "dependency_overrides".');
'"${}" resolved to "${resultPackage.version}" which '
'does not satisfy constraint "${package.constraint}".');
if (isDryRun) {
/// Even if it is a dry run, run `acquireDependencies` so that the user
/// gets a report on the other packages that might change version due
/// to this new dependency.
final newRoot = Package.inMemory(updatedPubSpec);
// TODO(jonasfj): Stop abusing for dry-run output
await, entrypoint.lockFile, cache,
solveResult: solveResult)
dryRun: true,
precompile: argResults['precompile'],
} else {
/// Update the `pubspec.yaml` before calling [acquireDependencies] to
/// ensure that the modification timestamp on `pubspec.lock` and
/// `.dart_tool/package_config.json` is newer than `pubspec.yaml`,
/// ensuring that [entrypoint.assertUptoDate] will pass.
_updatePubspec(resultPackage, packageInformation, isDev);
/// Create a new [Entrypoint] since we have to reprocess the updated
/// pubspec file.
await Entrypoint.current(cache).acquireDependencies(SolveType.GET,
precompile: argResults['precompile']);
if (isOffline) {
log.warning('Warning: Packages added when offline may not resolve to '
'the latest compatible version available.');
/// Creates a new in-memory [Pubspec] by adding [package] to the
/// dependencies of [original].
Future<Pubspec> _addPackageToPubspec(
Pubspec original, PackageRange package) async {
ArgumentError.checkNotNull(original, 'original');
ArgumentError.checkNotNull(package, 'package');
final dependencies = [...original.dependencies.values];
var devDependencies = [...original.devDependencies.values];
final dependencyNames = =>;
final devDependencyNames = =>;
if (isDev) {
/// TODO(walnut): Change the error message once pub upgrade --bump is
/// released
if (devDependencyNames.contains( {
dataError('"${}" is already in "dev_dependencies". '
'Use "pub upgrade ${}" to upgrade to a later version!');
/// If package is originally in dependencies and we wish to add it to
/// dev_dependencies, this is a redundant change, and we should not
/// remove the package from dependencies, since it might cause the user's
/// code to break.
if (dependencyNames.contains( {
dataError('"${}" is already in "dependencies". '
'Use "pub remove ${}" to remove it before adding it '
'to "dev_dependencies"');
} else {
/// TODO(walnut): Change the error message once pub upgrade --bump is
/// released
if (dependencyNames.contains( {
dataError('"${}" is already in "dependencies". '
'Use "pub upgrade ${}" to upgrade to a later version!');
/// If package is originally in dev_dependencies and we wish to add it to
/// dependencies, we remove the package from dev_dependencies, since it is
/// now redundant.
if (devDependencyNames.contains( {
log.message('"${}" was found in dev_dependencies. '
'Removing "${}" and adding it to dependencies instead.');
devDependencies =
devDependencies.where((d) => !=;
return Pubspec(,
version: original.version,
sdkConstraints: original.sdkConstraints,
dependencies: dependencies,
devDependencies: devDependencies,
dependencyOverrides: original.dependencyOverrides.values,
/// Parse [package] to return the corresponding [PackageRange], as well as its
/// representation in `pubspec.yaml`.
/// [package] must be written in the format
/// `<package-name>[:<version-constraint>]`, where quotations should be used
/// if necessary.
/// Examples:
/// ```
/// retry
/// retry:2.0.0
/// retry:^2.0.0
/// retry:'>=2.0.0'
/// retry:'>2.0.0 <3.0.1'
/// 'retry:>2.0.0 <3.0.1'
/// retry:any
/// ```
/// If a version constraint is provided when the `--path` or any of the
/// `--git-<option>` options are used, a [PackageParseError] will be thrown.
/// Packages must either be a git, hosted, sdk, or path package. Mixing of
/// options is not allowed and will cause a [PackageParseError] to be thrown.
/// If any of the other git options are defined when `--git-url` is not
/// defined, an error will be thrown.
Pair<PackageRange, dynamic> _parsePackage(String package) {
ArgumentError.checkNotNull(package, 'package');
final _conflictingFlagSets = [
['git-url', 'git-ref', 'git-path'],
for (final flag
in _conflictingFlagSets.expand((s) => s).where(argResults.wasParsed)) {
final conflictingFlag = _conflictingFlagSets
.where((s) => !s.contains(flag))
.expand((s) => s)
.firstWhere(argResults.wasParsed, orElse: () => null);
if (conflictingFlag != null) {
'Packages can only have one source, "pub add" flags "--$flag" and '
'"--$conflictingFlag" are conflicting.');
/// The package to be added, along with the user-defined package constraints
/// if present.
PackageRange packageRange;
/// The entry to be added to the pubspec. Assigned dynamic because it can
/// take on either a string for simple version constraints or a map for
/// more complicated hosted/git options.
dynamic pubspecInformation;
final splitPackage = package.split(':');
final packageName = splitPackage[0];
/// There shouldn't be more than one `:` in the package information
if (splitPackage.length > 2) {
usageException('Invalid package and version constraint: $package');
/// We want to allow for [constraint] to take on a `null` value here to
/// preserve the fact that the user did not specify a constraint.
VersionConstraint constraint;
try {
constraint = splitPackage.length == 2
? VersionConstraint.parse(splitPackage[1])
: null;
} on FormatException catch (e) {
usageException('Invalid version constraint: ${e.message}');
/// Determine the relevant [packageRange] and [pubspecInformation] depending
/// on the type of package.
if (hasGitOptions) {
dynamic git;
if (gitUrl == null) {
usageException('The `--git-url` is required for git dependencies.');
/// Process the git options to return the simplest representation to be
/// added to the pubspec.
if (gitRef == null && gitPath == null) {
git = gitUrl;
} else {
git = {'url': gitUrl, 'ref': gitRef, 'path': gitPath};
git.removeWhere((key, value) => value == null);
packageRange = cache.sources['git']
.parseRef(packageName, git)
.withConstraint(constraint ?? VersionConstraint.any);
pubspecInformation = {'git': git};
} else if (path != null) {
packageRange = cache.sources['path']
.parseRef(packageName, path, containingPath: entrypoint.pubspecPath)
.withConstraint(constraint ?? VersionConstraint.any);
pubspecInformation = {'path': path};
} else if (sdk != null) {
packageRange = cache.sources['sdk']
.parseRef(packageName, sdk)
.withConstraint(constraint ?? VersionConstraint.any);
pubspecInformation = {'sdk': sdk};
} else {
final hostInfo =
hasHostOptions ? {'url': hostUrl, 'name': packageName} : null;
if (hostInfo == null) {
pubspecInformation = constraint?.toString();
} else {
pubspecInformation = {'hosted': hostInfo};
packageRange = PackageRange(packageName, cache.sources['hosted'],
constraint ?? VersionConstraint.any, hostInfo ?? packageName);
if (pubspecInformation is Map && constraint != null) {
/// We cannot simply assign the value of version since it is likely that
/// [pubspecInformation] takes on the type
/// [Map<String, Map<String, String>>]
pubspecInformation = {
'version': constraint.toString()
return Pair(packageRange, pubspecInformation);
/// Writes the changes to the pubspec file.
void _updatePubspec(PackageId resultPackage,
Pair<PackageRange, dynamic> packageInformation, bool isDevelopment) {
ArgumentError.checkNotNull(resultPackage, 'resultPackage');
ArgumentError.checkNotNull(packageInformation, 'pubspecInformation');
final package = packageInformation.first;
var pubspecInformation = packageInformation.last;
if ((sdk != null || hasHostOptions) &&
pubspecInformation is Map &&
pubspecInformation['version'] == null) {
/// We cannot simply assign the value of version since it is likely that
/// [pubspecInformation] takes on the type
/// [Map<String, Map<String, String>>]
pubspecInformation = {
'version': '^${resultPackage.version}'
final dependencyKey = isDevelopment ? 'dev_dependencies' : 'dependencies';
final packagePath = [dependencyKey,];
final yamlEditor = YamlEditor(readTextFile(entrypoint.pubspecPath));'Reading ${entrypoint.pubspecPath}.');
/// Handle situations where the user might not have the dependencies or
/// dev_dependencies map.
if (yamlEditor.parseAt([dependencyKey], orElse: () => null)?.value ==
null) {
{ pubspecInformation ?? '^${resultPackage.version}'});
} else {
packagePath, pubspecInformation ?? '^${resultPackage.version}');
log.fine('Added ${} to "$dependencyKey".');
/// Remove the package from dev_dependencies if we are adding it to
/// dependencies. Refer to [_addPackageToPubspec] for additional discussion.
if (!isDevelopment) {
final devDependenciesNode =
yamlEditor.parseAt(['dev_dependencies'], orElse: () => null);
if (devDependenciesNode is YamlMap &&
devDependenciesNode.containsKey( {
if (devDependenciesNode.length == 1) {
} else {
log.fine('Removed ${} from "dev_dependencies".');
/// Windows line endings are already handled by [yamlEditor]
writeTextFile(entrypoint.pubspecPath, yamlEditor.toString());