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// Copyright (c) 2021, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:pub_semver/pub_semver.dart';
import 'package:source_span/source_span.dart';
import 'package:yaml/yaml.dart';
import 'exceptions.dart';
import 'utils.dart' show identifierRegExp, reservedWords;
/// A regular expression matching allowed package names.
/// This allows dot-separated valid Dart identifiers. The dots are there for
/// compatibility with Google's internal Dart packages, but they may not be used
/// when publishing a package to
final packageNameRegExp =
/// Helper class for pubspec parsing to:
/// - extract the fields and methods that are reusable outside of `pub` client, and
/// - help null-safety migration a bit.
/// This class should be eventually extracted to a separate library, or re-merged with `Pubspec`.
abstract class PubspecBase {
/// All pubspec fields.
/// This includes the fields from which other properties are derived.
final YamlMap fields;
this.fields, {
String? name,
Version? version,
}) : _name = name,
_version = version;
/// The package's name.
String get name => _name ??= _lookupName();
String _lookupName() {
final name = fields['name'];
if (name == null) {
throw SourceSpanApplicationException(
'Missing the required "name" field.',
} else if (name is! String) {
throw SourceSpanApplicationException(
'"name" field must be a string.',
} else if (!packageNameRegExp.hasMatch(name)) {
throw SourceSpanApplicationException(
'"name" field must be a valid Dart identifier.',
} else if (reservedWords.contains(name)) {
throw SourceSpanApplicationException(
'"name" field may not be a Dart reserved word.',
return name;
String? _name;
/// The package's version.
Version get version {
if (_version != null) return _version!;
final version = fields['version'];
if (version == null) {
_version = Version.none;
return _version!;
final span = fields.nodes['version']?.span;
if (version is num) {
var fixed = '$version.0';
if (version is int) {
fixed = '$fixed.0';
'"version" field must have three numeric components: major, '
'minor, and patch. Instead of "$version", consider "$fixed".',
if (version is! String) {
_error('"version" field must be a string.', span);
_version = _wrapFormatException(
'version number',
() => Version.parse(version),
return _version!;
Version? _version;
/// The URL of the server that the package should default to being published
/// to, "none" if the package should not be published, or `null` if it should
/// be published to the default server.
/// If this does return a URL string, it will be a valid parseable URL.
String? get publishTo {
if (_parsedPublishTo) return _publishTo;
final publishTo = fields['publish_to'];
if (publishTo != null) {
final span = fields.nodes['publish_to']?.span;
if (publishTo is! String) {
_error('"publish_to" field must be a string.', span);
// It must be "none" or a valid URL.
if (publishTo != 'none') {
_wrapFormatException('"publish_to" field', span, () {
final url = Uri.parse(publishTo);
if (url.scheme.isEmpty) {
throw FormatException('must be an absolute URL.');
_parsedPublishTo = true;
_publishTo = publishTo;
return _publishTo;
bool _parsedPublishTo = false;
String? _publishTo;
/// The list of patterns covering _false-positive secrets_ in the package.
/// This is a list of git-ignore style patterns for files that should be
/// ignored when trying to detect possible leaks of secrets during
/// package publication.
List<String> get falseSecrets {
if (_falseSecrets == null) {
final falseSecrets = <String>[];
// Throws a [PubspecException]
void falseSecretsError(SourceSpan span) => _error(
'"false_secrets" field must be a list of git-ignore style patterns',
final falseSecretsNode = fields.nodes['false_secrets'];
if (falseSecretsNode != null) {
if (falseSecretsNode is YamlList) {
for (final node in falseSecretsNode.nodes) {
final value = node.value;
if (value is! String) {
} else {
_falseSecrets = List.unmodifiable(falseSecrets);
return _falseSecrets!;
List<String>? _falseSecrets;
/// The executables that should be placed on the user's PATH when this
/// package is globally activated.
/// It is a map of strings to string. Each key is the name of the command
/// that will be placed on the user's PATH. The value is the name of the
/// .dart script (without extension) in the package's `bin` directory that
/// should be run for that command. Both key and value must be "simple"
/// strings: alphanumerics, underscores and hypens only. If a value is
/// omitted, it is inferred to use the same name as the key.
Map<String, String> get executables {
if (_executables != null) return _executables!;
_executables = {};
var yaml = fields['executables'];
if (yaml == null) return _executables!;
if (yaml is! YamlMap) {
'"executables" field must be a map.',
yaml.nodes.forEach((key, value) {
if (key.value is! String) {
_error('"executables" keys must be strings.', key.span);
final keyPattern = RegExp(r'^[a-zA-Z0-9_-]+$');
if (!keyPattern.hasMatch(key.value)) {
'"executables" keys may only contain letters, '
'numbers, hyphens and underscores.',
if (value.value == null) {
value = key;
} else if (value.value is! String) {
_error('"executables" values must be strings or null.', value.span);
final valuePattern = RegExp(r'[/\\]');
if (valuePattern.hasMatch(value.value)) {
'"executables" values may not contain path separators.',
_executables![key.value] = value.value;
return _executables!;
Map<String, String>? _executables;
/// Whether the package is private and cannot be published.
/// This is specified in the pubspec by setting "publish_to" to "none".
bool get isPrivate => publishTo == 'none';
/// Runs [fn] and wraps any [FormatException] it throws in a
/// [SourceSpanApplicationException].
/// [description] should be a noun phrase that describes whatever's being
/// parsed or processed by [fn]. [span] should be the location of whatever's
/// being processed within the pubspec.
/// If [targetPackage] is provided, the value is used to describe the
/// dependency that caused the problem.
T _wrapFormatException<T>(
String description,
SourceSpan? span,
T Function() fn, {
String? targetPackage,
}) {
try {
return fn();
} on FormatException catch (e) {
var msg = 'Invalid $description';
if (targetPackage != null) {
msg = '$msg in the "$name" pubspec on the "$targetPackage" dependency';
msg = '$msg: ${e.message}';
throw SourceSpanApplicationException(msg, span);
/// Throws a [SourceSpanApplicationException] with the given message.
void _error(String message, SourceSpan? span) {
throw SourceSpanApplicationException(message, span);