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// Copyright (c) 2013, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:async';
import 'dart:io';
import 'package:args/args.dart';
import 'package:args/command_runner.dart';
import 'package:http/http.dart' as http;
import 'package:meta/meta.dart';
import 'command_runner.dart';
import 'entrypoint.dart';
import 'exceptions.dart';
import 'exit_codes.dart' as exit_codes;
import 'git.dart' as git;
import 'global_packages.dart';
import 'http.dart';
import 'log.dart' as log;
import 'pub_embeddable_command.dart';
import 'sdk.dart';
import 'solver.dart';
import 'system_cache.dart';
import 'utils.dart';
/// All of the aliases used for [PubCommand] subclasses.
/// Centralized so invocations with aliases can be normalized to the primary
/// command name when sending telemetry.
const pubCommandAliases = {
'deps': ['dependencies', 'tab'],
'get': ['install'],
'publish': ['lish', 'lush'],
'upgrade': ['update'],
final lineLength = stdout.hasTerminal ? stdout.terminalColumns : 80;
/// The base class for commands for the pub executable.
/// A command may either be a "leaf" command or it may be a parent for a set
/// of subcommands. Only leaf commands are ever actually invoked. If a command
/// has subcommands, then one of those must always be chosen.
abstract class PubCommand extends Command<int> {
SystemCache get cache => _cache ??= SystemCache(isOffline: isOffline);
SystemCache _cache;
GlobalPackages get globals => _globals ??= GlobalPackages(cache);
GlobalPackages _globals;
/// Gets the [Entrypoint] package for the current working directory.
/// This will load the pubspec and fail with an error if the current directory
/// is not a package.
Entrypoint get entrypoint => _entrypoint ??= Entrypoint.current(cache);
Entrypoint _entrypoint;
/// The URL for web documentation for this command.
String get docUrl => null;
/// Override this and return `false` to disallow trailing options from being
/// parsed after a non-option argument is parsed.
bool get allowTrailingOptions => true;
// Lazily initialize the parser because the superclass constructor requires
// it but we want to initialize it based on [allowTrailingOptions].
ArgParser get argParser => _argParser ??= ArgParser(
allowTrailingOptions: allowTrailingOptions, usageLineLength: lineLength);
ArgParser _argParser;
/// Override this to use offline-only sources instead of hitting the network.
/// This will only be called before the [SystemCache] is created. After that,
/// it has no effect. This only needs to be set in leaf commands.
bool get isOffline => false;
String get usageFooter {
if (docUrl == null) return null;
return 'See $docUrl for detailed documentation.';
List<String> get aliases => pubCommandAliases[name] ?? const [];
/// The first command in the command chain.
Command get _topCommand {
var command = this;
while (command.parent != null) {
command = command.parent;
return command;
PubEmbeddableCommand get _pubEmbeddableCommand {
var command = this;
while (command != null && command is! PubEmbeddableCommand) {
command = command.parent;
return command;
PubTopLevel get _pubTopLevel {
return _pubEmbeddableCommand ?? (runner as PubCommandRunner);
String get invocation {
var command = this;
var names = [];
do {
command = command.parent;
} while (command != null);
return [
].join(' ');
/// Short description of how the arguments should be provided in `invocation`.
/// Override for giving a more detailed description.
String get argumentsDescription => subcommands.isEmpty
? '<subcommand> [arguments...]'
: (takesArguments ? '[arguments...]' : '');
FutureOr<int> run() async {
if (_pubTopLevel.trace) {
log.verbosity = _pubTopLevel.verbosity;
log.fine('Pub ${sdk.version}');
try {
await captureErrors(runProtected,
captureStackChains: _pubTopLevel.captureStackChains);
return exit_codes.SUCCESS;
} on ExitWithException catch (e) {
return e.exitCode;
} catch (error, chain) {
log.exception(error, chain);
if (_pubTopLevel.trace) {
} else if (!isUserFacingException(error)) {
// Escape the argument for users to copy-paste in bash.
// Wrap with single quotation, and use '\'' to insert single quote, as
// long as we have no spaces this doesn't create a new argument.
String protectArgument(String x) =>
RegExp(r'^[a-zA-Z0-9-_]+$').stringMatch(x) == null
? "'${x.replaceAll("'", r"'\''")}'"
: x;
This is an unexpected error. Please run
pub --trace ${runner.executableName} ${} ${' ')}
and include the logs in an issue on
return _chooseExitCode(error);
} finally {
/// Returns the appropriate exit code for [exception], falling back on 1 if no
/// appropriate exit code could be found.
int _chooseExitCode(exception) {
if (exception is SolveFailure) {
var packageNotFound = exception.packageNotFound;
if (packageNotFound != null) exception = packageNotFound;
while (exception is WrappedException && exception.innerError is Exception) {
exception = exception.innerError;
if (exception is HttpException ||
exception is http.ClientException ||
exception is SocketException ||
exception is TlsException ||
exception is PubHttpException ||
exception is git.GitException ||
exception is PackageNotFoundException) {
return exit_codes.UNAVAILABLE;
} else if (exception is FileSystemException || exception is FileException) {
return exit_codes.NO_INPUT;
} else if (exception is FormatException || exception is DataException) {
return exit_codes.DATA;
} else if (exception is ConfigException) {
return exit_codes.CONFIG;
} else if (exception is UsageException) {
return exit_codes.USAGE;
} else {
return 1;
/// Override this in leaf commands to run a pub command with pub error
/// handling.
FutureOr<void> runProtected() {
throw UnimplementedError('All leaf commands should override this');
void printUsage() {
static String _command;
/// Returns the nested name of the command that's currently being run.
/// Examples:
/// get
/// cache repair
/// Returns an empty string if no command is being run. (This is only
/// expected to happen when unit tests invoke code inside pub without going
/// through a command.)
/// For top-level commands, if an alias is used, the primary command name is
/// returned. For instance `install` becomes `get`.
static String get command => _command;
static void computeCommand(ArgResults argResults) {
var list = <String>[];
for (var command = argResults.command;
command != null;
command = command.command) {
var commandName =;
if (list.isEmpty) {
// this is a top-level command
final rootCommand = pubCommandAliases.entries.singleWhere(
(element) => element.value.contains(,
orElse: () => null);
if (rootCommand != null) {
commandName = rootCommand.key;
_command = list.join(' ');
abstract class PubTopLevel {
bool get captureStackChains;
log.Verbosity get verbosity;
bool get trace;
/// The argResults from the level of parsing of the 'pub' command.
ArgResults get argResults;