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# GENERATED BY: test/help_test.dart
## Section 0
$ pub add --help
Add dependencies to pubspec.yaml.
Usage: pub add <package>[:<constraint>] [<package2>[:<constraint2>]...] [options]
-h, --help Print this usage information.
-d, --dev Adds to the development dependencies instead.
--git-url Git URL of the package
--git-ref Git branch or commit to be retrieved
--git-path Path of git package in repository
--hosted-url URL of package host server
--path Add package from local path
--sdk=<[flutter]> add package from SDK source
--[no-]offline Use cached packages instead of accessing the network.
-n, --dry-run Report what dependencies would change but don't change
--[no-]precompile Build executables in immediate dependencies.
-C, --directory=<dir> Run this in the directory <dir>.
Run "pub help" to see global options.
See for detailed documentation.