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$ pub outdated --help
Analyze your dependencies to find which ones can be upgraded.
Usage: pub outdated [options]
-h, --help Print this usage information.
--[no-]color Whether to color the output.
Defaults to color when connected to a
terminal, and no-color otherwise.
--[no-]dependency-overrides Show resolutions with `dependency_overrides`.
(defaults to on)
--[no-]dev-dependencies Take dev dependencies into account.
(defaults to on)
--json Output the results using a json format.
--mode=<PROPERTY> Highlight versions with PROPERTY.
Only packages currently missing that PROPERTY
will be included unless --show-all.
[outdated (default), null-safety]
--[no-]prereleases Include prereleases in latest version.
--[no-]show-all Include dependencies that are already
fullfilling --mode.
Run "pub help" to see global options.
See for detailed documentation.