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  1. cdffe5e Fix lint violations (#350) by Ivan Inozemtsev · 20 hours ago master
  2. 9306ae0 Enable hashCode memoization for frozen protos. (#355) by Nic Hite · 25 hours ago
  3. 8c96933 Add unnecessary_const to generated ignore_for_file (#352) by emadfarag · 3 days ago
  4. 3fdb5ca update build_web_compilers and default to dart2js (#349) by Jacob MacDonald · 8 days ago
  5. d2b1eff Fix wire format for negative int32 values (#347) by Ivan Inozemtsev · 3 weeks ago

Protobuf support for dart

Build Status

This repository is home to packages related to support for the protobuf format for dart. It contains: