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  1. d12b233 Escape the special character '$' in proto json_name. (#304) by Nic Hite · 6 days ago master
  2. ab431f0 Avoid using `extension` as an import prefix. (#302) by Sigurd Meldgaard · 13 days ago
  3. 72bdbf4 Avoid name collisions with Int64 and enum names beginning with digits. (#299) by Nic Hite · 14 days ago
  4. 03fa404 Graduate protobuf to 1.0 (#301) by Sarah Zakarias · 2 weeks ago protobuf-1.0.0 protoc_plugin-19.0.0+1
  5. 53e966c Fixed a few lints (#297) by Jonas Finnemann Jensen · 2 weeks ago

Protobuf support for dart

Build Status

This repository is home to packages related to support for the protobuf format for dart. It contains: