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The playground repo is a test repo for trying out authentication, Gerrit reviews, and workflow for the Dart team. Feel free to add any (public) files here in CLs, and to create branches.

The repo is located at [Dart‘s GoB server][], and reviews are at [Dart’s Gerrit review server][].

Here is some Dart code

// BEFORE formatting
if (tag=='style'||tag=='script'&&(type==null||type == TYPE_JS
  tag=='link'&&(rel=='stylesheet'||rel=='import')) {}

taken from the dart_style README.

  // AFTER formatting
  if (tag == 'style' ||
      tag == 'script' &&
          (type == null || type == TYPE_JS || type == TYPE_DART) ||
      tag == 'link' && (rel == 'stylesheet' || rel == 'import')) {}

Questions and Answers about Dart on GoB and Gerrit

  • Will Github still be supported?

Yes, the repos will be immediately mirrored to Github, and pull requests on Github will be converted to Gerrit reviews by a simple one-step process.