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Push a change to this file to trigger a build of our bots. For example,
change the haiku below.
A trigger haiku
Will cause the bots to re-run
To test all your stuff
Danish summer day
The rain comes down in torrents
WTF Denmark?
Danish winter day
Raindrops roll down my window
Same as in summer
Haiku Haiku ku
Hai Hai Haiku ku ku hai
Hai ai ai ku ai
Pub borked on Windows
Trying to get some data
Wish me luck, homie
Why won't the bots run?
Nothing seems to trigger them
Bet this'll do it
Status why you broke?
You make the bears very sad
Cry, little bear, cry
This time I'll fix it
I'll put it on my task list
"Bot not triggering"
Now we're running from
Dart dot googlesource dot com
So land this patch there
The buildbot triggers
Come from github dot com repos
So land stuff on both
Now the trigger should
Come from dart dot googlesource
This lands only there
Trigger still broken
Land Gerrit CL on gob
Landed hash is new!
Summer in Denmark
Last time that Dart was triggered
Long ago forgotten