• Cleanup some method signatures.



  • Expand stack_trace version constraint.


  • Upgraded error messages to have a unique and stable identifier.


  • Old transform.dart file removed. If you weren't use it it, this change is backwards compatible with version 0.11.0.


  • Widen the constraint on analyzer.


  • Raise the lower bound on the source_maps constraint to exclude incompatible versions.


  • Widen the constraint on source_maps.


  • Widen the constraint on barback.


  • Switch from source_maps' Span class to source_span's SourceSpan class.


  • Updated to match observe-js#e212e74 (release 0.3.4), which also matches observe-js#fa70c37 (release 0.4.2).
  • ListPathObserver has been deprecated (it was deleted a while ago in observe-js). We plan to delete it in a future release. You may copy the code if you still need it.
  • PropertyPath now uses an expression syntax including indexers. For example, you can write a.b["m"] instead of a.b.m.
  • breaking change: PropertyPath no longer allows numbers as fields, you need to use indexers instead. For example, you now need to write a[3].d instead of a.3.d.
  • breaking change: PathObserver.value= no longer discards changes (this is in combination with a change in template_binding and polymer to improve interop with JS custom elements).


  • minor changes to documentation, deprecated discardListChages in favor of discardListChanges (the former had a typo).


  • package:observe no longer declares @MirrorsUsed. The package uses mirrors for development time, but assumes frameworks (like polymer) and apps that use it directly will either generate code that replaces the use of mirrors, or add the @MirrorsUsed declaration themselves. For convinience, you can import ‘package:observe/mirrors_used.dart’, and that will add a @MirrorsUsed annotation that preserves properties and classes labeled with @reflectable and properties labeled with @observable.
  • Updated to match observe-js#0152d54