Remove unneeded dart:async import (#96)

Since Dart 2.1, Future and Stream have been exported from dart:core.

Alternatively, if for some reason this package needs to continue to
support Dart 2.0, an exception can be made for this internally.
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Build Status

Support for detecting and being notified when an object is mutated.

An observable is a way to be notified of a continuous stream of events over time.

Some suggested uses for this library:

  • Observe objects for changes, and log when a change occurs
  • Optimize for observable collections in your own APIs and libraries instead of diffing
  • Implement simple data-binding by listening to streams

You may want to look at the former TC39 proposal Observe.observe, which was deprecated.


There are two general ways to detect changes:

  • Listen to Observable.changes and be notified when an object changes
  • Use Differ.diff to determine changes between two objects