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This repository is home to Dart packages related to FFI and native assets building and bundling.


ffiUtilities for working with Foreign Function Interface (FFI) package
ffigenGenerator for FFI bindings, using LibClang to parse C, Objective-C, and Swift package
objective_cA library to access Objective C from Flutter that acts as a support library for package
jniA library to access JNI from Dart and Flutter that acts as a support library for package
jnigenA Dart bindings generator for Java and Kotlin that uses JNI under the hood to interop with Java virtual package
swiftgenA Dart bindings generator for package
native_assets_builderThis package is the backend that invokes build package
native_assets_cliA library that contains the argument and file formats for implementing a native assets package
native_toolchain_cA library to invoke the native C compiler installed on the host package

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