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// Copyright (c) 2012, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:matcher/matcher.dart';
import 'package:test/test.dart' show test, expect;
import 'test_utils.dart';
void main() {
test('Reports mismatches in whitespace and escape sequences', () {
shouldFail('before\nafter', equals('before\\nafter'),
contains('Differ at offset 7'));
test('Retains outer matcher mismatch text', () {
{'word': 'thing'},
containsPair('word', equals('notthing')),
contains("contains key 'word' but with value is different"),
contains('Differ at offset 0')
test('collapseWhitespace', () {
var source = '\t\r\n hello\t\r\n world\r\t \n';
expect(collapseWhitespace(source), 'hello world');
test('isEmpty', () {
shouldPass('', isEmpty);
shouldFail(null, isEmpty, startsWith('Expected: empty Actual: <null>'));
shouldFail(0, isEmpty, startsWith('Expected: empty Actual: <0>'));
shouldFail('a', isEmpty, startsWith("Expected: empty Actual: 'a'"));
// Regression test for:
test('isNot(isEmpty)', () {
shouldPass('a', isNot(isEmpty));
shouldFail('', isNot(isEmpty), 'Expected: not empty Actual: \'\'');
shouldFail(null, isNot(isEmpty),
startsWith('Expected: not empty Actual: <null>'));
test('isNotEmpty', () {
shouldFail('', isNotEmpty, startsWith("Expected: non-empty Actual: ''"));
null, isNotEmpty, startsWith('Expected: non-empty Actual: <null>'));
shouldFail(0, isNotEmpty, startsWith('Expected: non-empty Actual: <0>'));
shouldPass('a', isNotEmpty);
test('equalsIgnoringCase', () {
shouldPass('hello', equalsIgnoringCase('HELLO'));
shouldFail('hi', equalsIgnoringCase('HELLO'),
"Expected: 'HELLO' ignoring case Actual: 'hi'");
shouldFail(42, equalsIgnoringCase('HELLO'),
endsWith('not an <Instance of \'String\'>'));
test('equalsIgnoringWhitespace', () {
shouldPass(' hello world ', equalsIgnoringWhitespace('hello world'));
' helloworld ',
equalsIgnoringWhitespace('hello world'),
"Expected: 'hello world' ignoring whitespace "
"Actual: ' helloworld ' "
"Which: is 'helloworld' with whitespace compressed");
shouldFail(42, equalsIgnoringWhitespace('HELLO'),
endsWith('not an <Instance of \'String\'>'));
test('startsWith', () {
shouldPass('hello', startsWith(''));
shouldPass('hello', startsWith('hell'));
shouldPass('hello', startsWith('hello'));
startsWith('hello '),
"Expected: a string starting with 'hello ' "
"Actual: 'hello'");
42, startsWith('hello '), endsWith('not an <Instance of \'String\'>'));
test('endsWith', () {
shouldPass('hello', endsWith(''));
shouldPass('hello', endsWith('lo'));
shouldPass('hello', endsWith('hello'));
endsWith(' hello'),
"Expected: a string ending with ' hello' "
"Actual: 'hello'");
42, startsWith('hello '), endsWith('not an <Instance of \'String\'>'));
test('contains', () {
shouldPass('hello', contains(''));
shouldPass('hello', contains('h'));
shouldPass('hello', contains('o'));
shouldPass('hello', contains('hell'));
shouldPass('hello', contains('hello'));
'hello', contains(' '), "Expected: contains ' ' Actual: 'hello'");
test('stringContainsInOrder', () {
shouldPass('goodbye cruel world', stringContainsInOrder(['']));
shouldPass('goodbye cruel world', stringContainsInOrder(['goodbye']));
shouldPass('goodbye cruel world', stringContainsInOrder(['cruel']));
shouldPass('goodbye cruel world', stringContainsInOrder(['world']));
'goodbye cruel world', stringContainsInOrder(['good', 'bye', 'world']));
'goodbye cruel world', stringContainsInOrder(['goodbye', 'cruel']));
'goodbye cruel world', stringContainsInOrder(['cruel', 'world']));
shouldPass('goodbye cruel world',
stringContainsInOrder(['goodbye', 'cruel', 'world']));
'goodbye cruel world',
stringContainsInOrder(['goo', 'cruel', 'bye']),
"Expected: a string containing 'goo', 'cruel', 'bye' in order "
"Actual: 'goodbye cruel world'");
test('matches', () {
shouldPass('c0d', matches('[a-z][0-9][a-z]'));
shouldPass('c0d', matches(RegExp('[a-z][0-9][a-z]')));
shouldFail('cOd', matches('[a-z][0-9][a-z]'),
"Expected: match '[a-z][0-9][a-z]' Actual: 'cOd'");
shouldFail(42, matches('[a-z][0-9][a-z]'),
endsWith('not an <Instance of \'String\'>'));