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// Copyright (c) 2017, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'ast.dart';
final _identifier = RegExp(r'^([(_|$)a-zA-Z]+([_a-zA-Z0-9])*)$');
final _lowerCamelCase = RegExp(
final _lowerCaseUnderScore = RegExp(r'^([a-z]+([_]?[a-z0-9]+)*)+$');
@Deprecated('Prefer: ascii_utils.isValidFileName')
final _lowerCaseUnderScoreWithDots =
final _pubspec = RegExp(r'^[_]?pubspec\.yaml$');
final _underscores = RegExp(r'^[_]+$');
final _validLibraryPrefix = RegExp(r'^[\$]?[_]*[a-z]+[_a-z0-9]*$');
/// Check if this [string] is formatted in `CamelCase`.
bool isCamelCase(String string) => CamelCaseString.isCamelCase(string);
/// Returns `true` if this [fileName] is a Dart file.
bool isDartFileName(String fileName) => fileName.endsWith('.dart');
/// Returns `true` if this [name] is a legal Dart identifier.
bool isIdentifier(String name) => _identifier.hasMatch(name);
/// Returns `true` of the given [name] is composed only of `_`s.
bool isJustUnderscores(String name) => _underscores.hasMatch(name);
/// Returns `true` if this [id] is `lowerCamelCase`.
bool isLowerCamelCase(String id) =>
id.length == 1 && isUpperCase(id.codeUnitAt(0)) ||
id == '_' ||
/// Returns `true` if this [id] is `lower_camel_case_with_underscores`.
bool isLowerCaseUnderScore(String id) => _lowerCaseUnderScore.hasMatch(id);
/// Returns `true` if this [id] is `lower_camel_case_with_underscores_or.dots`.
bool isLowerCaseUnderScoreWithDots(String id) =>
// ignore: deprecated_member_use_from_same_package
/// Returns `true` if this [fileName] is a Pubspec file.
bool isPubspecFileName(String fileName) => _pubspec.hasMatch(fileName);
/// Returns `true` if the given code unit [c] is upper case.
bool isUpperCase(int c) => c >= 0x40 && c <= 0x5A;
/// Returns true if this [libraryPrefix] is valid.
bool isValidLibraryPrefix(String libraryPrefix) =>
/// Returns true if this [id] is a valid package name.
bool isValidPackageName(String id) =>
isLowerCaseUnderScore(id) && isValidDartIdentifier(id);
class CamelCaseString {
static final _camelCaseMatcher = RegExp(r'[A-Z][a-z]*');
static final _camelCaseTester = RegExp(r'^([_$]*)([A-Z?$]+[a-z0-9]*)+$');
final String value;
CamelCaseString(this.value) {
if (!isCamelCase(value)) {
throw ArgumentError('$value is not CamelCase');
String get humanized => _humanize(value);
String toString() => value;
static bool isCamelCase(String name) => _camelCaseTester.hasMatch(name);
static String _humanize(String camelCase) =>
_camelCaseMatcher.allMatches(camelCase).map((m) =>' ');