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/// This library adds `dart:io` support to the HTML5 parser. Call
/// [initDartIOSupport] before calling the [parse] methods and they will accept
/// a [RandomAccessFile] as input, in addition to the other input types.
library parser_console;
import 'dart:io';
import 'parser.dart';
import 'src/inputstream.dart' as inputstream;
/// Adds support to the [HtmlParser] for running on a console VM. In particular
/// this means it will be able to handle `dart:io` and [RandomAccessFile]s as
/// input to the various [parse] methods.
void useConsole() {
inputstream.consoleSupport = new _ConsoleSupport();
class _ConsoleSupport extends inputstream.ConsoleSupport {
List<int> bytesFromFile(source) {
if (source is! RandomAccessFile) return null;
return readAllBytesFromFile(source);
// TODO(jmesserly): this should be `RandomAccessFile.readAllBytes`.
/// Synchronously reads all bytes from the [file].
List<int> readAllBytesFromFile(RandomAccessFile file) {
int length = file.lengthSync();
var bytes = new List<int>(length);
int bytesRead = 0;
while (bytesRead < length) {
int read = file.readIntoSync(bytes, bytesRead, length - bytesRead);
if (read <= 0) {
// This could happen if, for example, the file was resized while
// we're reading. Just shrink the bytes array and move on.
bytes = bytes.sublist(0, bytesRead);
bytesRead += read;
return bytes;