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// Copyright 2013 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:ui/ui.dart' as ui;
import 'line_breaker.dart';
import 'unicode_range.dart';
// This data was taken from the source code of the Closure library:
// -
final UnicodePropertyLookup<ui.TextDirection?> _textDirectionLookup = UnicodePropertyLookup<ui.TextDirection?>(
// LTR
const UnicodeRange<ui.TextDirection>(kChar_A, kChar_Z, ui.TextDirection.ltr),
const UnicodeRange<ui.TextDirection>(kChar_a, kChar_z, ui.TextDirection.ltr),
const UnicodeRange<ui.TextDirection>(0x00C0, 0x00D6, ui.TextDirection.ltr),
const UnicodeRange<ui.TextDirection>(0x00D8, 0x00F6, ui.TextDirection.ltr),
const UnicodeRange<ui.TextDirection>(0x00F8, 0x02B8, ui.TextDirection.ltr),
const UnicodeRange<ui.TextDirection>(0x0300, 0x0590, ui.TextDirection.ltr),
// RTL
const UnicodeRange<ui.TextDirection>(0x0591, 0x06EF, ui.TextDirection.rtl),
const UnicodeRange<ui.TextDirection>(0x06FA, 0x08FF, ui.TextDirection.rtl),
// LTR
const UnicodeRange<ui.TextDirection>(0x0900, 0x1FFF, ui.TextDirection.ltr),
const UnicodeRange<ui.TextDirection>(0x200E, 0x200E, ui.TextDirection.ltr),
// RTL
const UnicodeRange<ui.TextDirection>(0x200F, 0x200F, ui.TextDirection.rtl),
// LTR
const UnicodeRange<ui.TextDirection>(0x2C00, 0xD801, ui.TextDirection.ltr),
// RTL
const UnicodeRange<ui.TextDirection>(0xD802, 0xD803, ui.TextDirection.rtl),
// LTR
const UnicodeRange<ui.TextDirection>(0xD804, 0xD839, ui.TextDirection.ltr),
// RTL
const UnicodeRange<ui.TextDirection>(0xD83A, 0xD83B, ui.TextDirection.rtl),
// LTR
const UnicodeRange<ui.TextDirection>(0xD83C, 0xDBFF, ui.TextDirection.ltr),
const UnicodeRange<ui.TextDirection>(0xF900, 0xFB1C, ui.TextDirection.ltr),
// RTL
const UnicodeRange<ui.TextDirection>(0xFB1D, 0xFDFF, ui.TextDirection.rtl),
// LTR
const UnicodeRange<ui.TextDirection>(0xFE00, 0xFE6F, ui.TextDirection.ltr),
// RTL
const UnicodeRange<ui.TextDirection>(0xFE70, 0xFEFC, ui.TextDirection.rtl),
// LTR
const UnicodeRange<ui.TextDirection>(0xFEFD, 0xFFFF, ui.TextDirection.ltr),
/// Represents a block of text with a certain [ui.TextDirection].
class DirectionalPosition {
const DirectionalPosition(this.lineBreak, this.textDirection, this.isSpaceOnly);
final LineBreakResult lineBreak;
final ui.TextDirection? textDirection;
final bool isSpaceOnly;
LineBreakType get type => lineBreak.type;
/// Creates a copy of this [DirectionalPosition] with a different [index].
/// The type of the returned [DirectionalPosition] is set to
/// [LineBreakType.prohibited].
DirectionalPosition copyWithIndex(int index) {
return DirectionalPosition(
LineBreakResult.sameIndex(index, LineBreakType.prohibited),
/// Finds the end of the directional block of text that starts at [start] up
/// until [end].
/// If the block goes beyond [end], the part after [end] is ignored.
DirectionalPosition getDirectionalBlockEnd(
String text,
LineBreakResult start,
LineBreakResult end,
) {
if (start.index == end.index) {
return DirectionalPosition(end, null, false);
// Check if we are in a space-only block.
if (start.index == end.indexWithoutTrailingSpaces) {
return DirectionalPosition(end, null, true);
final ui.TextDirection? blockDirection = _textDirectionLookup.find(text, start.index);
int i = start.index + 1;
while (i < end.indexWithoutTrailingSpaces) {
final ui.TextDirection? direction = _textDirectionLookup.find(text, i);
if (direction != blockDirection) {
// Reached the next block.
if (i == end.indexWithoutTrailingNewlines) {
// If all that remains before [end] is new lines, let's include them in the
// block.
return DirectionalPosition(end, blockDirection, false);
return DirectionalPosition(
LineBreakResult.sameIndex(i, LineBreakType.prohibited),