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// Copyright 2014 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:engine/ui.dart' show TextDirection;
import 'package:flute/services.dart' show SystemChannels;
import 'semantics_event.dart' show AnnounceSemanticsEvent, Assertiveness, TooltipSemanticsEvent;
export 'package:engine/ui.dart' show TextDirection;
/// Allows access to the platform's accessibility services.
/// Events sent by this service are handled by the platform-specific
/// accessibility bridge in Flutter's engine.
/// When possible, prefer using mechanisms like [Semantics] to implicitly
/// trigger announcements over using this event.
class SemanticsService {
// This class is not meant to be instantiated or extended; this constructor
// prevents instantiation and extension.
/// Sends a semantic announcement.
/// This should be used for announcement that are not seamlessly announced by
/// the system as a result of a UI state change.
/// For example a camera application can use this method to make accessibility
/// announcements regarding objects in the viewfinder.
/// The assertiveness level of the announcement is determined by [assertiveness].
/// Currently, this is only supported by the web engine and has no effect on
/// other platforms. The default mode is [Assertiveness.polite].
static Future<void> announce(String message, TextDirection textDirection, {Assertiveness assertiveness = Assertiveness.polite}) async {
final AnnounceSemanticsEvent event = AnnounceSemanticsEvent(message, textDirection, assertiveness: assertiveness);
await SystemChannels.accessibility.send(event.toMap());
/// Sends a semantic announcement of a tooltip.
/// Currently only honored on Android. The contents of [message] will be
/// read by TalkBack.
static Future<void> tooltip(String message) async {
final TooltipSemanticsEvent event = TooltipSemanticsEvent(message);
await SystemChannels.accessibility.send(event.toMap());