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Flutter Web Engine

This directory contains the source code for the Web Engine. The easiest way to hack on the Web Engine is using the felt tool. See dev/ for details.

Rolling CanvasKit

CanvasKit is versioned separately from Skia and rolled manually. Flutter consumes a pre-built CanvasKit provided by the Skia team, currently hosted on When a new version of CanvasKit is available (check or consult the Skia team directly), follow these steps to roll to the new version:

  • Make sure you have depot_tools installed (if you are regularly hacking on the engine code, you probably do).
  • If not already authenticated with CIPD, run cipd auth-login and follow instructions (this step requires sufficient privileges; contact #hackers-infra-🌡 on Flutter's Discord server).
  • Edit dev/canvaskit_lock.yaml and update the value of canvaskit_version to the new version.
  • Run dart dev/canvaskit_roller.dart and make sure it completes successfully. The script uploads the new version of CanvasKit to the flutter/web/canvaskit_bundle CIPD package, and writes the CIPD package instance ID to the DEPS file.
  • Send a pull request containing the above file changes. If the new version contains breaking changes, the PR must also contain corresponding fixes.

If you have questions, contact the Flutter Web team on Flutter Discord on the #hackers-web-🌍 channel.