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part of mustache;
class _Node {
_Node(this.type, this.value, this.start, this.end, {this.indent});
_Node.fromToken(_Token token)
: type = token.type,
value = token.value,
start = token.start,
end = token.end,
indent = token.indent;
final int type;
final String value;
// The offset of the start of the token in the file. Unless this is a section
// or inverse section, then this stores the start of the content of the
// section.
final int start;
final int end;
int contentStart;
int contentEnd;
// Used to store the preceding whitespace before a partial tag, so that
// it's content can be correctly indented.
final String indent;
final List<_Node> children = new List<_Node>();
String toString() => '_Node: ${_tokenTypeString(type)}';