• Remove MustacheFormatException
  • Allow templates to specify default delimiters. Thanks to Joris Hermans.
  • Fix #24: renderString shrinks multiple newlines to just one (Thanks to John Ryan for the repro).


  • Fix #23 failure if tag or comment contains “=”


  • Change handling of lenient sections to match python mustache implementation.


  • Fix MirrorsUsed tag for using mirrors on dart2js.
  • Clean up dead code.


  • Added new methods to LambdaContext.


  • Deprecated parse() function - please update your code to use new Template(source).
  • Deprecated MustacheFormatException - please update your code to use TemplateException.
  • Breaking change: Template.render and Template.renderString methods no longer take the optional lenient and htmlEscapeValues. These should now be passed to the Template constructor.
  • Fully passing all mustache spec tests.
  • Added support for MirrorsUsed.
  • Implemented partials. #11
  • Implemented lambdas. #4
  • Implemented change delimiter tag.
  • Add template name parameter, and show this in error messages.
  • Allow whitespace at begining of tags. #10