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import 'dart:async';
import 'package:meta/meta.dart';
import 'constants.dart';
import 'header.dart';
/// An entry in a tar file.
/// Usually, tar entries are read from a stream, and they're bound to the stream
/// from which they've been read. This means that they can only be read once,
/// and that only one [TarEntry] is active at a time.
class TarEntry {
/// The parsed [TarHeader] of this tar entry.
final TarHeader header;
/// The content stream of the active tar entry.
/// For tar entries read through the reader provided by this library,
/// [contents] is a single-subscription streamed backed by the original stream
/// used to create the reader.
/// When listening on [contents], the stream needs to be fully drained before
/// the next call to [StreamIterator.moveNext]. It's acceptable to not listen
/// to [contents] at all before calling [StreamIterator.moveNext] again.
/// In that case, this library will take care of draining the stream to get to
/// the next entry.
final Stream<List<int>> contents;
/// The name of this entry, as indicated in the header or a previous pax
/// entry.
String get name =>;
/// The type of tar entry (file, directory, etc.).
TypeFlag get type => header.typeFlag;
/// The content size of this entry, in bytes.
int get size => header.size;
/// Time of the last modification of this file, as indicated in the [header].
DateTime get modified => header.modified;
/// Creates a tar entry from a [header] and the [contents] stream.
/// If the total length of [contents] is known, consider setting the
/// [header]'s [TarHeader.size] property to the appropriate value.
/// Otherwise, the tar writer needs to buffer contents to determine the right
/// size.
// factory so that this class can't be extended
factory TarEntry(TarHeader header, Stream<List<int>> contents) = TarEntry._;
TarEntry._(this.header, this.contents);
/// Creates an in-memory tar entry from the [header] and the [data] to store.
static SynchronousTarEntry data(TarHeader header, List<int> data) {
(header as HeaderImpl).size = data.length;
return SynchronousTarEntry._(header, data);
/// A tar entry stored in memory.
class SynchronousTarEntry extends TarEntry {
/// The contents of this tar entry as a byte array.
final List<int> data;
SynchronousTarEntry._(TarHeader header,
: super._(header, Stream.value(data));