• Add disallowTrailingData parameter to TarReader. When the option is set, readNext will ensure that the input stream does not emit further data after the tar archive has been read fully.


  • Remove outdated references in the documentation


  • Remove TarReader.contents and TarReader.header. Use current.contents and current.header, respectively.
  • Fix some minor implementation details


Most of the tar package has been rewritten, it's now based on the implementation written by Garett Tok Ern Liang in the GSoC 2020.

  • Added tar prefix to exported symbols.
  • Remove MemoryEntry. Use TarEntry.data to create a tar entry from bytes.
  • Make WritingSink private. Use tarWritingSink to create a general StreamSink<tar.Entry>.
  • TarReader is now a StreamIterator, the transformer had some design flaws.


  • Support writing user and group names
  • Better support for PAX-headers and large files


  • Initial version