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import 'dart:convert';
import '../../common/exception.dart';
import '../../common/request.dart';
import '../../common/web_element.dart';
// Source:
const String w3cElementStr = 'element-6066-11e4-a52e-4f735466cecf';
dynamic parseW3cResponse(WebDriverResponse response) {
final statusCode = response.statusCode!;
Map responseBody;
try {
responseBody = json.decode(response.body!) as Map;
} catch (e) {
final rawBody = response.body == null || response.body!.isEmpty
? '<empty response>'
: response.body;
throw WebDriverException(
statusCode, 'Error parsing response body: $rawBody');
if (statusCode < 200 || statusCode > 299) {
final value = responseBody['value'] as Map;
final message = value['message'] as String?;
// See
switch (value['error']) {
case 'element click intercepted':
throw ElementClickInterceptedException(statusCode, message);
case 'element not interactable':
throw ElementNotInteractableException(statusCode, message);
case 'insecure certificate':
throw InsecureCertificateException(statusCode, message);
case 'invalid argument':
throw InvalidArgumentException(statusCode, message);
case 'invalid cookie domain':
throw InvalidCookieDomainException(statusCode, message);
case 'invalid element state':
throw InvalidElementStateException(statusCode, message);
case 'invalid selector':
throw InvalidSelectorException(statusCode, message);
case 'invalid session id':
throw InvalidSessionIdException(statusCode, message);
case 'javascript error':
throw JavaScriptException(statusCode, message);
case 'move target out of bounds':
throw MoveTargetOutOfBoundsException(statusCode, message);
case 'no such alert':
throw NoSuchAlertException(statusCode, message);
case 'no such cookie':
throw NoSuchCookieException(statusCode, message);
case 'no such element':
throw NoSuchElementException(statusCode, message);
case 'no such frame':
throw NoSuchFrameException(statusCode, message);
case 'no such window':
throw NoSuchWindowException(statusCode, message);
case 'script timeout':
throw ScriptTimeoutException(statusCode, message);
case 'session not created':
throw SessionNotCreatedException(statusCode, message);
case 'stale element reference':
throw StaleElementReferenceException(statusCode, message);
case 'timeout':
throw TimeoutException(statusCode, message);
case 'unable to set cookie':
throw UnableToSetCookieException(statusCode, message);
case 'unable to capture screen':
throw UnableToCaptureScreenException(statusCode, message);
case 'unexpected alert open':
throw UnexpectedAlertOpenException(statusCode, message);
case 'unknown command':
throw UnknownCommandException(statusCode, message);
case 'unknown error':
throw UnknownException(statusCode, message);
case 'unknown method':
throw UnknownMethodException(statusCode, message);
case 'unsupported operation':
throw UnsupportedOperationException(statusCode, message);
throw WebDriverException(statusCode, message);
return responseBody['value'];
/// Prefix to represent element in webdriver uri.
/// When [elementId] is null, it means root element.
String elementPrefix(String? elementId) =>
elementId == null ? '' : 'element/$elementId/';
dynamic deserialize(result, dynamic Function(String) createElement) {
if (result is Map) {
if (result.containsKey(w3cElementStr)) {
return createElement(result[w3cElementStr] as String);
} else {
final newResult = {};
result.forEach((key, value) {
newResult[key] = deserialize(value, createElement);
return newResult;
} else if (result is List) {
return => deserialize(item, createElement)).toList();
} else {
return result;
dynamic serialize(dynamic obj) {
if (obj is WebElement) {
return {w3cElementStr:};
if (obj is Map) {
final newResult = <String, dynamic>{};
for (final item in obj.entries) {
newResult[item.key as String] = serialize(item.value);
return newResult;
if (obj is List) {
return obj;