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  1. address_book/
  2. demo_launcher/
  3. fitness/
  4. game/
  5. hello_world/
  6. mine_digger/
  7. raw/
  8. rendering/
  9. stocks/
  10. widgets/

Sky Examples

This directory contains several examples of using Sky. Each of these is an individual Dart application package. If you wish to run them with sky_tool then you will want to run pub get inside their directory before running ./packages/sky/sky_tool start.

  1. Hello, world. The hello world app is a basic app that shows the text “hello, world.”

  2. Stocks. The stocks app is an example of a typical mobile app built using Sky. The app shows a list of all the stocks in the NASDAQ.

  3. Widgets. The widgets app contains a number of Sky widgets so you can experiment with them in a simple container.