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// Copyright 2013 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include "flutter/assets/asset_manager.h"
#include "flutter/assets/asset_resolver.h"
#include "flutter/common/settings.h"
#include "flutter/fml/macros.h"
#include "flutter/fml/mapping.h"
#include "flutter/fml/unique_fd.h"
#include "flutter/shell/common/isolate_configuration.h"
namespace flutter {
/// @brief Specifies all the configuration required by the runtime library
/// to launch the root isolate. This object may be created on any
/// thread but must be given to the |Run| call of the |Engine| on
/// the UI thread. The configuration object is used to specify how
/// the root isolate finds its snapshots, assets, root library and
/// the "main" entrypoint.
class RunConfiguration {
/// @brief Attempts to infer a run configuration from the settings
/// object. This tries to create a run configuration with sensible
/// defaults for the given Dart VM runtime mode. In JIT mode, this
/// will attempt to look for the VM and isolate snapshots in the
/// assets directory (must be specified in settings). In AOT mode,
/// it will attempt to look for known snapshot symbols in the
/// currently currently loaded process. The entrypoint defaults to
/// the "main" method in the root library.
/// @param[in] settings The settings object used to look for the various
/// snapshots and settings. This is usually initialized
/// from command line arguments.
/// @param[in] io_worker An optional IO worker. Resolving and reading the
/// various snapshots may be slow. Providing an IO
/// worker will ensure that realization of these
/// snapshots happens on a worker thread instead of the
/// calling thread. Note that the work done to realize
/// the snapshots may occur after this call returns. If
/// is the embedder's responsibility to make sure the
/// serial worker is kept alive for the lifetime of the
/// shell associated with the engine that this run
/// configuration is given to.
/// @return A run configuration. Depending on the completeness of the
/// settings, This object may potentially be invalid.
static RunConfiguration InferFromSettings(
const Settings& settings,
fml::RefPtr<fml::TaskRunner> io_worker = nullptr);
/// @brief Creates a run configuration with only an isolate
/// configuration. There is no asset manager and default
/// entrypoint and root library are used ("main" in root library).
/// @param[in] configuration The configuration
RunConfiguration(std::unique_ptr<IsolateConfiguration> configuration);
/// @brief Creates a run configuration with the specified isolate
/// configuration and asset manager. The default entrypoint and
/// root library are used ("main" in root library).
/// @param[in] configuration The configuration
/// @param[in] asset_manager The asset manager
RunConfiguration(std::unique_ptr<IsolateConfiguration> configuration,
std::shared_ptr<AssetManager> asset_manager);
/// @brief Run configurations cannot be copied because it may not always
/// be possible to copy the underlying isolate snapshots. If
/// multiple run configurations share the same underlying
/// snapshots, creating a configuration from isolate snapshots
/// sharing the same underlying buffers is recommended.
/// @param config The run configuration to move.
RunConfiguration(RunConfiguration&& config);
/// @brief There are no threading restrictions on the destruction of the
/// run configuration.
/// @brief A valid run configuration only guarantees that the engine
/// should be able to find the assets and the isolate snapshots
/// when it attempts to launch the root isolate. The validity of
/// the snapshot cannot be determined yet. That determination can
/// only be made when the configuration is used to run the root
/// isolate in the engine. However, the engine will always reject
/// an invalid run configuration.
/// @attention A valid run configuration does not mean that the root isolate
/// will always be launched. It only indicates that the various
/// snapshots are isolate snapshots and asset managers are present
/// and accounted for. The validity of the snapshots will only be
/// checked when the engine attempts to launch the root isolate.
/// @return Returns whether the snapshots and asset manager registrations
/// are valid.
bool IsValid() const;
/// @brief Asset managers maintain a list of resolvers that are checked
/// in order when attempting to locate an asset. This method adds
/// a resolver to the end of the list.
/// @param[in] resolver The asset resolver to add to the engine of the list
/// resolvers maintained by the asset manager.
/// @return Returns whether the resolver was successfully registered. The
/// resolver must be valid for its registration to be successful.
bool AddAssetResolver(std::unique_ptr<AssetResolver> resolver);
/// @brief Updates the main application entrypoint. If this is not set,
/// the
/// "main" method is used as the entrypoint.
/// @param[in] entrypoint The entrypoint to use.
void SetEntrypoint(std::string entrypoint);
/// @brief Specifies the main Dart entrypoint and the library to find
/// that entrypoint in. By default, this is the "main" method in
/// the root library. The root library may be specified by
/// entering the empty string as the second argument.
/// @see SetEntrypoint()
/// @param[in] entrypoint The entrypoint
/// @param[in] library The library
void SetEntrypointAndLibrary(std::string entrypoint, std::string library);
/// @return The asset manager referencing all previously registered asset
/// resolvers.
std::shared_ptr<AssetManager> GetAssetManager() const;
/// @return The main Dart entrypoint to be used for the root isolate.
const std::string& GetEntrypoint() const;
/// @return The name of the library in which the main entrypoint resides.
/// If empty, the root library is used.
const std::string& GetEntrypointLibrary() const;
/// @brief The engine uses this to take the isolate configuration from
/// the run configuration. The run configuration is no longer
/// valid after this call is made. The non-copyable nature of some
/// of the snapshots referenced in the isolate configuration is
/// why the run configuration as a whole is not copyable.
/// @return The run configuration if one is present.
std::unique_ptr<IsolateConfiguration> TakeIsolateConfiguration();
std::unique_ptr<IsolateConfiguration> isolate_configuration_;
std::shared_ptr<AssetManager> asset_manager_;
std::string entrypoint_ = "main";
std::string entrypoint_library_ = "";
} // namespace flutter