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  1. GoldenImage.h
  2. GoldenImage.m
  3. GoldenPlatformViewTests.h
  4. GoldenPlatformViewTests.m
  5. Info.plist
  6. LocalizationInitializationTest.m
  7. PlatformViewGestureRecognizerTests.m
  8. PlatformViewGoldenTestManager.h
  9. PlatformViewGoldenTestManager.m
  10. PlatformViewUITests.m
  12. StatusBarTest.h
  13. StatusBarTest.m
  14. TextSemanticsFocusTest.h
  15. TextSemanticsFocusTest.m
  16. UnobstructedPlatformViewTests.m
  17. golden_platform_view_D211AP.png
  18. golden_platform_view_D21AP.png
  19. golden_platform_view_D321AP.png
  20. golden_platform_view_clippath_iPhone 8_simulator.png
  21. golden_platform_view_clippath_iPhone SE_simulator.png
  22. golden_platform_view_cliprect_iPhone 8_simulator.png
  23. golden_platform_view_cliprect_iPhone SE_simulator.png
  24. golden_platform_view_cliprrect_iPhone 8_simulator.png
  25. golden_platform_view_cliprrect_iPhone SE_simulator.png
  26. golden_platform_view_iPhone 8_simulator.png
  27. golden_platform_view_iPhone SE_simulator.png
  28. golden_platform_view_multiple_background_foreground_iPhone 8_simulator.png
  29. golden_platform_view_multiple_background_foreground_iPhone SE_simulator.png
  30. golden_platform_view_multiple_iPhone 8_simulator.png
  31. golden_platform_view_multiple_iPhone SE_simulator.png
  32. golden_platform_view_opacity_iPhone 8_simulator.png
  33. golden_platform_view_opacity_iPhone SE_simulator.png
  34. golden_platform_view_rotate_iPhone 8_simulator.png
  35. golden_platform_view_rotate_iPhone SE_simulator.png
  36. golden_platform_view_transform_iPhone 8_simulator.png
  37. golden_platform_view_transform_iPhone SE_simulator.png

PlatformView UI Tests

This folder contains a test for platform views. It renders a platform view and does a screen shot comparison against a known good configuration.

The screen shots are named golden_platform_view_MODEL, with _simulator appended for simulators. The model numbers for physical devices correspond to the hw.model sys call, and will represent the model numbers. Simulator names are taken from the environment.

New devices require running the test on the device, gathering the attachment and verifying it manually, and then adding an appropriately named file to this folder.

If the test is attempted on a new device, the log will contain a message indicating the file name it expected to find. The test will continue and fail, but will contain an attachment with the expected screen shot. If the screen shot looks good, add it with the correct name to the project and run the test again - it should pass this time.