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// Copyright 2013 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// This file is used to generate the switch statements in the Locale class.
// See: ../lib/ui/window.dart
// When running this script, use the output of this script to update the
// comments that say when the script was last run (that comment appears twice in
// window.dart), and then replace all the map entries with the output from
// this script (the first set for _canonicalizeLanguageCode and the second set
// for _canonicalizeRegionCode).
import 'dart:async';
import 'dart:convert';
import 'dart:io';
const String registry = '';
Map<String, List<String>> parseSection(String section) {
final Map<String, List<String>> result = <String, List<String>>{};
List<String> lastHeading;
for (String line in section.split('\n')) {
if (line == '')
if (line.startsWith(' ')) {
lastHeading[lastHeading.length - 1] = '${lastHeading.last}${line.substring(1)}';
final int colon = line.indexOf(':');
if (colon <= 0)
throw 'not sure how to deal with "$line"';
final String name = line.substring(0, colon);
final String value = line.substring(colon + 2);
lastHeading = result.putIfAbsent(name, () => <String>[]);
return result;
Future<Null> main() async {
final HttpClient client = HttpClient();
final String body = (await (await (await client.getUrl(Uri.parse(registry))).close()).transform(utf8.decoder).toList()).join('');
final List<Map<String, List<String>>> sections = body.split('%%').map<Map<String, List<String>>>(parseSection).toList();
final Map<String, List<String>> outputs = <String, List<String>>{'language': <String>[], 'region': <String>[]};
String fileDate;
for (Map<String, List<String>> section in sections) {
if (fileDate == null) {
// first block should contain a File-Date metadata line.
fileDate = section['File-Date'].single;
assert(section.containsKey('Type'), section.toString());
final String type = section['Type'].single;
if ((type == 'language' || type == 'region') && (section.containsKey('Preferred-Value'))) {
assert(section.containsKey('Subtag'), section.toString());
final String subtag = section['Subtag'].single;
final List<String> descriptions = section['Description'];
final String comment = section.containsKey('Comment') ? section['Comment'].single : 'deprecated ${section['Deprecated'].single}';
final String preferredValue = section['Preferred-Value'].single;
outputs[type].add('\'$subtag\': \'$preferredValue\', // ${descriptions.join(", ")}; $comment');
print('// Mappings generated for language subtag registry as of $fileDate.');
print('// For languageCode:');
print('// For regionCode:');