DevTools Documentation - How To Guide

The documentation for Dart & Flutter DevTools lives on

Our docs are written and pushed up to the flutter/website repo by the Flutter DevRel team. Developers working on DevTools should collaborate with Flutter tech writers by following the below workflow.

How to request documentation updates

For simple updates:

Some examples of “simple” updates include updating screenshots, glossary terms, coding recipes, etc. For this type of documentation request, you can include all the relevant information in a GitHub issue. Please follow the guidance below to create this issue.

For feature updates that can be shown in a demo video:

  1. Create a Screencast (preferred) or a Google Drive video explaining the new feature or functionality changes that require docs updates. If the feature is quick to document, you can include a rough draft of the documentation you think should be written, but where possible, we should leave the writing to our talented tech writers.
  2. Create a Go Link pointed at your demo video.
  3. Follow the guidance below to create a GitHub issue.

File an issue on the flutter/website repo:

Create an new issue on the flutter/website repository.

  • Add a descriptive title for your request.
  • Add the devtools-request label.
  • Add relevant information to the issue description. This may include a Go Link to your demo video or doc, a screenshot, a short description, or any other relevant context that our tech writers may need to fulfill your request.