DevTools style guide

We fully follow Effective Dart and some items of Style guide for Flutter repo:

Order of getters and setters

When an object owns and exposes a (listenable) value, more complicated than just public field we declare the related class members always in the same order, in compliance with Flutter repo style guide:

  1. Public getter
  2. Private field
  3. Public setter (when needed)

Naming for typedefs and function variables

Follow Flutter repo naming rules for typedefs and function variables.

Overriding equality

Use boilerplaite.

URIs and File Paths

Care should be taken when using file paths to ensure compatibility with both Windows and POSIX style paths. File URIs should generally be preferred and only converted to paths when required to interact with the file system.

String variables that hold paths or URIs should be named explicitly with a Path or Uri suffix, such as appRootPath or appRootUri.


  • Uri.parse() should not be used for converting file paths to URIs, instead Uri.file() should be used
  • Uri.path should not be used for extracting a file path from a URI, instead uri.toFilePath() should be used
  • In code compiled to run in the browser, Uri.file() and uri.toFilePath() will assume POSIX-style paths even on Windows, so care should be taken to handle these correctly (if possible, avoid converting between URIs and file paths in code running in a browser)

Text styles

The default text style for DevTools is Theme.of(context).regularTextStyle. The default value for Theme.of(context).bodyMedium is equivalent to Theme.of(context).regularTextStyle.

When creating a Text widget, this is the default style that will be applied.