How to release the next version of DevTools

Configure/Refresh environment

Make sure:

  1. Your Dart SDK is configured:

    a. You have a local checkout of the Dart SDK

    b. Ensure your .bashrc sets $LOCAL_DART_SDK

    DART_SDK_REPO_DIR=<Path to cloned dart sdk>

    c. The local checkout is at main branch: git rebase-update

  2. Your Flutter version is equal to latest candidate release branch:

    • Run ./tool/ --local from the main devtools directory.
  3. You have goma configured.

Prepare the release

Create a release PR

If you need to install the Github CLI you can run: brew install gh

Ensure the devtools_tool executable has been globally activated: flutter pub global activate --source path tool

  • Run: ./tool/
  • This will create a PR for you using the tip of master.
  • The branch for that PR will be checked out locally for you.
  • It will also update your local version of flutter to the Latest flutter candidate
    • This is to facilitate testing in the next steps

Verify the version changes for the Release PR

Verify the code on the release PR:

  • updated the devtools_app and devtools_test pubspec versions
  • updated all references to those packages in other pubspec.yaml files
  • updated the version constant in packages/devtools_app/lib/devtools.dart

These packages always have their version numbers updated in lock, so we don't have to worry about versioning.

Test the release PR

  • Build the DevTools binary and run it from your local Dart SDK.

    • From the main devtools/ directory.
    dart ./tool/build_e2e.dart
  • Launch DevTools and verify that everything generally works.

    • open the page in a browser (http://localhost:53432)
    • flutter run an application
    • connect to the running app from DevTools
    • verify:
      • pages generally work
      • there are no exceptions in the chrome devtools log
    • If you find any release blocking issues:
      • fix them before releasing.
      • Then grab the latest commit hash that includes
        • the release prep commit
        • the bug fixes,
      • use this commit hash for the following steps.
  • Once the build is in good shape,

    • revert any local changes.
      git checkout . && \
      git clean -f -d;

Submit the Release PR

Receive an LGTM for the PR, squash and commit.

Tag the release

  • Checkout the commit from which you want to release DevTools

    • This is likely the commit, on master, for the PR you just landed
    • You can run git log -v to see the commits.
  • Run the script

    • this creates a tag on the flutter/devtools repo for this release.
    • This script will automatically determine the version from packages/devtools/pubspec.yaml so there is no need to manually enter the version.

Wait for the binary to be uploaded CIPD

On each DevTools commit, DevTools is built and uploaded to CIPD. You can check the status of the builds on this dashboard. Within minutes, a build should be uploaded for the commit you just merged and tagged.

Update the DevTools hash in the Dart SDK

Run the tool script with the commit hash you just merged and tagged:

devtools_tool update-sdk-deps -c <commit-hash>

This automatically creates a Gerrit CL with the DEPS update for DevTools. Quickly test the build and then add a reviewer.

  • Build the dart sdk locally

    cd $LOCAL_DART_SDK && \
    gclient sync -D && \
    ./tools/ -mrelease -ax64 create_sdk;
  • Verify that running dart devtools launches the version of DevTools you just released.

    • for OSX
      xcodebuild/ReleaseX64/dart-sdk/bin/dart devtools
    • For non-OSX
      out/ReleaseX64/dart-sdk/bin/dart devtools
  • If the version of DevTools you just published to CIPD does not load properly, you may need to hard reload and clear your browser cache.

  • Add a reviewer and submit once approved.

Publish DevTools pub packages

If package:devtools_app_shared, package:devtools_extensions, or package:devtools_shared have unreleased changes, publish these packages to pub.

  • From the respective devtools/packages/devtools_* directories, run:
    flutter pub publish

Update to the next version

Verify and Submit the release notes

  1. Follow the instructions outlined in the release notes to add DevTools release notes to Flutter website and test them in DevTools.
  2. Once release notes are submitted to the Flutter website, send an announcement to g/flutter-internal-announce with a link to the new release notes.