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How to release the next version of DevTools

Note: If you need to publish a new version of devtools_server, you will need to do that prior to performing these steps, and update the devtools pubspec.yaml to reference the new published version of devtools_server. To publish devtools_server, run pub publish from packages/devtools_server. Be sure to test the server locally before publishing. For instructions on how to do that, see

Create a branch for your release. Below we're creating release 0.0.15, with all the PRs.

Update master branch and create a local release branch

cd ~/devtools-git/devtools

checkout master

git pull upstream master

git checkout -b release_0_0_15

Update the release number by running files:

./tool/ 0.0.15

Verify that this script updated the pubspecs under packages/ and updated all references to those packages. These packages always have their version numbers updated in lock step so we don't have to worry about versioning. Also make sure that the version constant in packages/devtools_app/lib/devtools.dart was updated.

Update the

  • packages/devtools/

Add the release number and date followed by the features or changes e.g.,

## 0.0.15 - 2019-04-01
* Added a great feature ...

Push the local branch

git commit -a -m Prepare for v0.0.15 release.” git push origin release_0_0_15

Create the PR and Commit the above changes

From the git UI tool create the PR, squash and commit.

Publishing DevTools

Update your master branch from the remote repository

Ensure that the tip of master is the above commit, just made with the exact set of PRs wanted. Otherwise, checkout using the SHA1 of the above commit e.g., git checkout -b release_15 <SHA1> then proceed to the step ‘Prep to publish’.

cd ~/devtools-git/devtools

git checkout master

git pull upstream master

Prep to publish



Verify the package works (DevTools)

  • Launch the devtools server
cd packages/devtools
dart bin/devtools.dart
  • open the page in a browser (http://localhost:9100)
  • flutter run an application
  • connect to the running app from devtools, and verify that the pages generally work, and there are no exceptions in the chrome devtools log

Publish the packages


Revert the change to .gitignore and pubspec files

git checkout .gitignore
git checkout packages/*/pubspec.yaml

Create the tag for this release and push to the remote repository.

This script will automatically determine the version from the packages/devtools/pubspec.yaml so there is no need to manually enter the version.