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What is this?

This directory stores pre-built assets of the Perfetto UI web app, along with some additional files authored by the DevTools team, to support custom styling for the Perfetto UI. We embed this web app in an iFrame on the DevTools Performance page. This allows us to leverage the first-in-class trace viewer for viewing Dart and Flutter timeline traces.

Why are we loading pre-compiled sources instead of the live Perfetto UI url?

This build output is included with the DevTools app bundle so that we can load the Perfetto UI web app from source at runtime. We do this for the following reasons:

  • this allows us to include our custom theming .css and .js files in the build. These theming files enable a more dense interface that better fits our tooling, and they also enable a dark theme that we can switch to and from.
  • this allows us to load the Perfetto UI web app directly from assets, meaning we have zero latency and can support users with a slow or non-existent internet connection.

How often is this build output updated?

This build output should be updated as needed, for example, if the Perfetto team releases some new features or fixes we want to take advantage of. Outside of ad hoc updates, this output should be refreshed at least once per quarter.

To update the Perfetto build output, run the script located in devtools/tools/. Be sure that all DevTools-authored files under assets/perfetto are not deleted by mistake.

How to update this build for local changes in the Perfetto codebase?

If you are making changes to a local Perfetto branch and you want to test those changes in the DevTools embedding, follow these steps:

  1. Make your changes in your local Perfetto branch. See Perfetto build instructions for instructions on how to get the code and build the app.
  2. Run ui/build from your perfetto directory. You may need to run tools/install-build-deps --ui before you are able to build. See Perfetto's UI development instructions for more details.
  3. Update the DevTools perfetto_compiled build to your local build: -b /Users/me/path/to/perfetto/out/ui/ui/dist

Then run DevTools on web, and you should see changes from your local Perfetto branch applied to the embedded Perfetto timeline view in DevTools.