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  1. 6e3f44b Bump Android SDK/build tools version to 31 (#485) by Emmanuel Garcia · 2 days ago master
  2. cc7ee4d Roll to build tools 30.0.2 (#484) by Dan Field · 2 days ago
  3. 5c61df1 More changes required for the GN updates. (#481) by Chinmay Garde · 10 days ago
  4. 647c7f8 Use the framework label to import frameworks on Mac and iOS. (#480) by Chinmay Garde · 10 days ago
  5. 41cc1d3 WEBP_EXTERN (#479) by Dan Field · 2 weeks ago


Build environment for the Flutter engine

This repository is used by the flutter/engine repository. For instructions on how to use it, see that repository's file.

To update your checkout to use the latest buildroot, run gclient sync.

To submit patches to this buildroot repository, create a branch, push to that branch, then submit a PR on GitHub for that branch.

To point the engine to a new version of buildroot after your patch is merged, update the buildroot hash in the engine's DEPS file.