Clean-up and tweaks of the firehose project. (#117)

Cleaned up and reduced RegExp use.
Simplified some functions.
Upped SDK constraint to 3.0.0, to use `firstOrNull` from SDK.
Use a named parameter for optional boolean parameer.
Added documentation to remaining `RegExp`s.
(Always document what a RegExp matches in prose. They are *not* readable or self-explanatory.)
6 files changed
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Dart CI


This repository is home to general Dart Ecosystem tools and packages.


blast_repoA tool to bulk validate and fix GitHub repos.
corpusA tool to calculate the API usage for a package.
dart_flutter_team_lintsAn analysis rule set used by the Dart and Flutter package
firehoseA tool to automate publishing of Pub packages from GitHub package
repo_manageMiscellaneous issue, repo, and PR query tools.

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