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Dart CI


This repository is home to general Dart Ecosystem tools and packages.


blast_repoA tool to bulk validate and fix GitHub repos.
corpusA tool to calculate the API usage for a package.
dart_flutter_team_lintsAn analysis rule set used by the Dart and Flutter package

Contributions, PRs, and publishing

When contributing to this repo:

  • if the package version is a stable semver version (x.y.z), the latest changes have been published to pub. Please add a new changelog section for your change, rev the service portion of the version, append -dev, and update the pubspec version to agree with the new version
  • if the package version ends in -dev, the latest changes are unpublished; please add a new changelog entry for your change in the most recent section. When we decide to publish the latest changes we'll drop the -dev suffix from the package version
  • for PRs, the Publish bot will perform basic validation of the info in the pubspec.yaml and files
  • when the PR is merged into the main branch, if the change includes reving to a new stable version, a repo maintainer will tag that commit with the pubspec version (e.g., v1.2.3); that tag event will trigger the Publish bot to publish a new version of the package to

For additional information about contributing, see our contributing page.