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pub package package publisher

What's this?

This is a tool to automate publishing of pub packages from GitHub actions.

Conventions and setup

When run from a PR, this tool will validate the package pubspecs and changelogs and indicate whether the criteria for publishing has been met. Generally, each PR should add a new entry to the changelog, rev the pubspec version, and the changelog version and pubspec version should agree.

When run in response to a git tag event (a tag with a pattern like v1.2.3 or name_v1.2.3 for monorepos), this tool will publish the indicated package.

Pre-release versions

Pre-release versions (aka, '1.2.3-dev') are handled specially; this tool will validate the package but will not auto-publish it. This can be used to accumulate several changes and later publish them as a group.

Disabling auto-publishing

In order to disable package validation and auto-publishing, add the publish_to: none key to your pubspec.

PR branch actions

For PRs, this tool:

  • determines repo packages
  • validates that the changelog version equals the pubspec version
  • performs a dart pub publish --dry-run

Git tag actions

In response to a git tag event, this tool:

  • validates the tag is well-formed
  • determines the indicated package
  • attempts to publish that package (dart pub publish --force)


This tool can work with either single package repos or with mono-repos (repos containing several packages). It will scan for and detect packages in a mono repo; to omit packages from validation and auto-publishing, add a publish_to: none key to its pubspec.

For single package repos, the tag pattern should be v1.2.3. For mono-repos, the tag pattern must be prefixed with the package name, e.g. foo-v1.2.3.

Integrating this tool into a repo

  • copy the yaml below into a .github/workflows/publish.yaml file in your repo
  • update the target branch below if necessary (currently, main)
  • if publishing from a mono-repo, adjust the ‘tags’ line below to tags: [ '[A-z]+-v[0-9]+.[0-9]+.[0-9]+*' ]
  • from the admin page of your package, enable publishing from GitHub Actions
# A CI configuration to auto-publish pub packages.

name: Publish

    branches: [ main ]
    tags: [ 'v[0-9]+.[0-9]+.[0-9]+*' ]

    uses: dart-lang/ecosystem/.github/workflows/publish.yaml@main

Workflow docs

The description of the common workflow for repos using this tool can be found at