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What's this?

This is a tool to calculate the API usage for a package - what parts of a package's API are typically used by other Dart packages and applications.

It is run from the command line:

dart bin/api_usage.dart <package-name>

It queries for the packages that use <package-name>, downloads the referencing packages, analyzes them, and determines which portions of the target package's API are used. For an example usage report, see


To use this tool, clone the repo, cd to packages/corpus, and run:

dart bin/api_usage.dart <package-name>

Some available options are:

  • --package-limit: limit the number of packages that are used for analysis
  • --show-src-references: when there are references into a package‘s lib/src/ directory (something that’s generally not intended to be part of a package's public API), this option will include which package is using the src/ library in the output
usage: dart bin/api_usage.dart [options] <package-name>

-h, --help                     Print this usage information.
    --package-limit=<count>    Limit the number of packages usage data is collected from.
                               (defaults to "100")
    --show-src-references      Report specific references to src/ libraries.