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// Copyright (c) 2023, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:dartdoc/src/model/language_feature.dart';
import 'package:dartdoc/src/render/language_feature_renderer.dart';
/// Represents a single modifier applicable to containers.
class ContainerModifier implements Comparable<ContainerModifier> {
final String name;
final String displayName;
/// If this modifier is present with any of these modifiers, it should
/// not be displayed as part of a fullKind prefix.
final Set<ContainerModifier> hideIfPresent;
/// The display order of this modifier.
final int order;
const ContainerModifier._(, {
required this.order,
String? displayName,
Set<ContainerModifier>? hideIfPresent,
}) : displayName = displayName ?? name,
hideIfPresent = hideIfPresent ?? const <ContainerModifier>{};
String toString() => displayName;
int compareTo(ContainerModifier a) => order.compareTo(a.order);
static const ContainerModifier sealed =
ContainerModifier._('sealed', order: 0);
static const ContainerModifier abstract =
ContainerModifier._('abstract', order: 0, hideIfPresent: {sealed});
static const ContainerModifier base = ContainerModifier._('base', order: 1);
static const ContainerModifier interface =
ContainerModifier._('interface', order: 2);
static const ContainerModifier finalModifier =
ContainerModifier._('final', order: 3);
static const ContainerModifier mixin = ContainerModifier._('mixin', order: 4);
extension BuildLanguageFeatureSet on Iterable<ContainerModifier> {
/// Transforms [ContainerModifiers] into a series of [LanguageFeature] objects
/// suitable for rendering as chips. Assumes iterable is sorted.
Iterable<LanguageFeature> asLanguageFeatureSet(
LanguageFeatureRenderer languageFeatureRenderer) =>
where((m) => !m.hideIfPresent.any(contains))
.map((m) => LanguageFeature(, languageFeatureRenderer));