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dartdoc examples

Dartdoc is typically used as a command line utility to support generating documentation served on websites. In the future this directory may contain direct examples, but for now, here are pointers to the main users of dartdoc in the Dart ecosystem.

Dart SDK

The Dart team builds docs for the Dart API reference with each new version of the SDK, via this script. Look for BuildDartdocAPIDocs.


The Flutter team builds API documentation for the Flutter SDK automatically. A shell script wraps a small dart program that manages the process.


The pub package website automatically builds Dart API documentation for uploaded packages.

Note, unlike the other two examples, here dartdoc is used as a library. While we make some effort not to regularly break simple uses of the library interface, we strongly recommend you use the command line and focus our semantic versioning around that case. However, if that doesn't work for your case, the pub site usage may be of interest. See this script for the entry point.