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Current results of Dart CI

This server runs on Google Cloud Run, and provides the most recent test results from the Dart CI (continuous integration) testing visible at

This service is the backend for which provides a filterable view of the current test status across all configurations.

Build and deploy

The service takes about forty seconds to load all the existing latest results.json files from all the configurations, so its reponse to the first request after deploying will take at least that long. When an instance is started, a health check verifies that it is responding to web requests, and this health check has a 4 minute timeout. An instance is also started, and the health check run, when deploying a new version.

Generating protogen classes


To generate the required Dart files for the protos, run tools/ with the environment variables GOOGLEAPIS_PATH and PROTOBUF_PATH set to the location of the checkouts mentioned above.


To build the server and deploy to production, run

gcloud builds submit --project=dart-ci --tag

When that build has completed successfully, run

gcloud compute ssh current-results-server --project=dart-ci --zone=us-central1-a --command="docker kill current-results; docker rm current-results; docker pull"
gcloud compute ssh current-results-server --project=dart-ci --zone=us-central1-a --command="docker run -d --net=bridge_net --publish=8080:8080 --name=current-results"

There is also a REST proxy which provides the public REST api for this backend server. Instructions on deploying this ESPv2 proxy ( are in internal team documentation. The connection between the public REST api and the gRPC api is configured in the lib/protos/query.proto file in this repository.


Data cached by server

The server reads the current results.json from cloud storage at gs://dart-test-results/configuration/main/[configuration name]/[build number]/ and caches selected fields from those records in memory.

Updating results data

The server exposes a service to Pub/Sub on the same project, which is triggered by any object creation on the dart-test-results bucket. If the object is a /configuration/main/[configuration name]/latest file, the build number is read from that file and the cached results.json is updated from that build.

Serving results data

A gRPC service is defined, with a query message type and a response message type defined by protocol buffers. It allows test result queries by test name or test name prefix and by configuration or configuration prefix.