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// Copyright (c) 2015, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
library services.grind;
import 'dart:async';
import 'dart:io';
import 'package:dart_services/src/flutter_web.dart';
import 'package:dart_services/src/sdk_manager.dart';
import 'package:grinder/grinder.dart';
import 'package:grinder/grinder_files.dart';
import 'package:grinder/src/run_utils.dart' show mergeWorkingDirectory;
import 'package:http/http.dart' as http;
import 'package:path/path.dart' as path;
Future<void> main(List<String> args) async {
await SdkManager.sdk.init();
await SdkManager.flutterSdk.init();
return grind(args);
void analyze() {'tuneup', arguments: ['check']);
Future test() => TestRunner().testAsync();
@Depends(analyze, test)
void analyzeTest() => null;
Future<void> serve() async {
await runWithLogging(Platform.executable,
arguments: ['bin/server_dev.dart', '--port', '8082']);
final _dockerVersionMatcher = RegExp(r'^FROM google/dart-runtime:(.*)$');
@Task('Update the docker and SDK versions')
void updateDockerVersion() {
final platformVersion = Platform.version.split(' ').first;
final dockerImageLines = File('Dockerfile').readAsLinesSync().map((String s) {
if (s.contains(_dockerVersionMatcher)) {
return 'FROM google/dart-runtime:$platformVersion';
return s;
final List<String> compilationArtifacts = [
@Task('validate that we have the correct compilation artifacts available in '
'google storage')
void validateStorageArtifacts() async {
final version = SdkManager.flutterSdk.versionFull;
const urlBase = '';
for (final artifact in compilationArtifacts) {
await _validateExists('$urlBase$version/$artifact');
Future _validateExists(String url) async {
log('checking $url...');
final response = await http.head(url);
if (response.statusCode != 200) {
'compilation artifact not found: $url '
'(${response.statusCode} ${response.reasonPhrase})',
@Task('build the sdk compilation artifacts for upload to google storage')
void buildStorageArtifacts() async {
// build and copy dart_sdk.js, flutter_web.js, and flutter_web.dill
final temp = Directory.systemTemp.createTempSync('flutter_web_sample');
try {
await _buildStorageArtifacts(temp);
} finally {
temp.deleteSync(recursive: true);
void _buildStorageArtifacts(Directory dir) async {
final flutterSdkPath =
Directory(path.join(Directory.current.path, 'flutter'));
final pubspec = FlutterWebManager.createPubspec(true);
joinFile(dir, ['pubspec.yaml']).writeAsStringSync(pubspec);
// run flutter pub get
await runWithLogging(
path.join(flutterSdkPath.path, 'bin/flutter'),
arguments: ['pub', 'get'],
workingDirectory: dir.path,
// locate the artifacts
final flutterPackages = ['flutter', 'flutter_test'];
final flutterLibraries = <String>[];
final packageLines = joinFile(dir, ['.packages']).readAsLinesSync();
for (var line in packageLines) {
line = line.trim();
if (line.startsWith('#') || line.isEmpty) {
final index = line.indexOf(':');
if (index == -1) {
final packageName = line.substring(0, index);
final url = line.substring(index + 1);
if (flutterPackages.contains(packageName)) {
// This is a package we're interested in - add all the public libraries to
// the list.
final libPath = Uri.parse(url).toFilePath();
for (final entity in getDir(libPath).listSync()) {
if (entity is File && entity.path.endsWith('.dart')) {
// Make sure flutter/bin/cache/flutter_web_sdk/flutter_web_sdk/kernel/flutter_ddc_sdk.dill
// is installed.
await runWithLogging(
path.join(flutterSdkPath.path, 'bin/flutter'),
arguments: ['precache', '--web'],
workingDirectory: dir.path,
// Build the artifacts using DDC:
// dart-sdk/bin/dartdevc -s kernel/flutter_ddc_sdk.dill
// --modules=amd package:flutter_web/animation.dart ...
final compilerPath =
path.join(flutterSdkPath.path, 'bin/cache/dart-sdk/bin/dartdevc');
final dillPath = path.join(flutterSdkPath.path,
final args = <String>[
await runWithLogging(
arguments: args,
workingDirectory: dir.path,
// Copy both to the project directory.
final artifactsDir = getDir('artifacts');
await artifactsDir.create();
final sdkJsPath = path.join(flutterSdkPath.path,
copy(getFile(sdkJsPath), artifactsDir);
copy(joinFile(dir, ['flutter_web.js']), artifactsDir);
copy(joinFile(dir, ['flutter_web.dill']), artifactsDir);
// Emit some good google storage upload instructions.
final version = SdkManager.flutterSdk.versionFull;
log('\nFrom the dart-services project root dir, run:');
log(' gsutil -h "Cache-Control:public, max-age=86400" cp -z js '
'artifacts/*.js gs://compilation_artifacts/$version/');
@Task('Delete, re-download, and reinitialize the Flutter submodule.')
void setupFlutterSubmodule() async {
final flutterDir = Directory('flutter');
// Remove all files currently in the submodule. This is done to clear any
// internal state the Flutter/Dart SDKs may have created on their own.
flutterDir.listSync().forEach((e) => e.deleteSync(recursive: true));
// Pull clean files into the submodule, based on whatever commit it's set to.
await runWithLogging(
arguments: ['submodule', 'update'],
// Set up the submodule's copy of the Flutter SDK the way dart-services needs
// it.
await runWithLogging(
path.join(flutterDir.path, 'bin/flutter'),
arguments: ['doctor'],
await runWithLogging(
path.join(flutterDir.path, 'bin/flutter'),
arguments: ['config', '--enable-web'],
await runWithLogging(
path.join(flutterDir.path, 'bin/flutter'),
arguments: [
void fuzz() {
log('warning: fuzz testing is a noop, see #301');
@Task('Update generated files and run all checks prior to deployment')
@Depends(setupFlutterSubmodule, updateDockerVersion, generateProtos, analyze,
test, fuzz, validateStorageArtifacts)
void deploy() {
log('Run: gcloud app deploy --project=dart-services --no-promote');
@Depends(generateProtos, analyze, fuzz, buildStorageArtifacts)
void buildbot() => null;
@Task('Generate Protobuf classes')
void generateProtos() async {
await runWithLogging(
arguments: ['--dart_out=lib/src', 'protos/dart_services.proto'],
// reformat generated classes so travis dartfmt test doesn't fail
await runWithLogging(
arguments: ['--fix', '-w', 'lib/src/protos'],
// generate common_server_proto.g.dart'build_runner', arguments: ['build', '--delete-conflicting-outputs']);
Future<void> runWithLogging(String executable,
{List<String> arguments = const [],
RunOptions runOptions,
String workingDirectory}) async {
runOptions = mergeWorkingDirectory(workingDirectory, runOptions);
log("${executable} ${arguments.join(' ')}");
runOptions ??= RunOptions();
final proc = await Process.start(executable, arguments,
workingDirectory: runOptions.workingDirectory,
environment: runOptions.environment,
includeParentEnvironment: runOptions.includeParentEnvironment,
runInShell: runOptions.runInShell);
proc.stdout.listen((out) => log(runOptions.stdoutEncoding.decode(out)));
proc.stderr.listen((err) => log(runOptions.stdoutEncoding.decode(err)));
final exitCode = await proc.exitCode;
if (exitCode != 0) {
fail('Unable to exec $executable, failed with code $exitCode');