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// Copyright (c) 2013, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
part of protoc;
abstract class ProtobufContainer {
// Internal map of proto file URIs to prefix aliases to resolve name conflicts
static final importPrefixes = <String, String>{};
static var idx = 0;
String get package;
String get classname;
String get fullName;
/// The fully qualified name with a leading '.'.
/// This exists because names from protoc come like this.
String get dottedName => '.$fullName';
String get fileImportPrefix => _getFileImportPrefix();
String _getFileImportPrefix() {
String path = fileGen.protoFileUri.toString();
if (importPrefixes.containsKey(path)) {
return importPrefixes[path];
final alias = '\$$idx';
importPrefixes[path] = alias;
return alias;
/// The generator of the .pb.dart file defining this entity.
/// (Represents the .pb.dart file that we need to import in order to use it.)
FileGenerator get fileGen;
class CodeGenerator extends ProtobufContainer {
final Stream<List<int>> _streamIn;
final IOSink _streamOut;
CodeGenerator(this._streamIn, this._streamOut);
/// Runs the code generator. The optional [optionParsers] can be used to
/// change how command line options are parsed (see [parseGenerationOptions]
/// for details), and [outputConfiguration] can be used to override where
/// generated files are created and how imports between generated files are
/// constructed (see [OutputConfiguration] for details).
void generate(
{Map<String, SingleOptionParser> optionParsers,
OutputConfiguration config}) {
if (config == null) {
config = new DefaultOutputConfiguration();
var extensions = new ExtensionRegistry();
.fold(new BytesBuilder(),
(BytesBuilder builder, data) => builder..add(data))
.then((builder) => builder.takeBytes())
.then((List<int> bytes) {
var request = new CodeGeneratorRequest.fromBuffer(bytes, extensions);
var response = new CodeGeneratorResponse();
// Parse the options in the request. Return the errors is any.
var options = parseGenerationOptions(request, response, optionParsers);
if (options == null) {
// Create a syntax tree for each .proto file given to us.
// (We may import it even if we don't generate the .pb.dart file.)
List<FileGenerator> generators = <FileGenerator>[];
for (FileDescriptorProto file in request.protoFile) {
generators.add(new FileGenerator(file, options));
// Collect field types and importable files.
link(options, generators);
// Generate the .pb.dart file if requested.
for (var gen in generators) {
var name =;
if (request.fileToGenerate.contains(name)) {
String get package => '';
String get classname => null;
String get fullName => '';
get fileGen => null;