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// Copyright (c) 2012, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
library csslib.src.options;
import 'package:args/args.dart';
class PreprocessorOptions {
/** Generate polyfill code (e.g., var, etc.) */
final bool polyfill;
/** Report warnings as errors. */
final bool warningsAsErrors;
/** Throw an exception on warnings (not used by command line tool). */
final bool throwOnWarnings;
/** Throw an exception on errors (not used by command line tool). */
final bool throwOnErrors;
/** True to show informational messages. The `--verbose` flag. */
final bool verbose;
/** True to show warning messages for bad CSS. The '--checked' flag. */
final bool checked;
// TODO(terry): Add mixin support and nested rules.
* Subset of Less commands enabled; disable with '--no-less'.
* Less syntax supported:
* - @name at root level statically defines variables resolved at compilation
* time. Essentially a directive e.g., @var-name.
final bool lessSupport;
/** Whether to use colors to print messages on the terminal. */
final bool useColors;
/** File to process by the compiler. */
final String inputFile;
const PreprocessorOptions({this.verbose: false, this.checked: false,
this.lessSupport: true, this.warningsAsErrors: false,
this.throwOnErrors: false, this.throwOnWarnings: false,
this.useColors: true, this.polyfill: false, this.inputFile});
PreprocessorOptions.fromArgs(ArgResults args)
: warningsAsErrors = args['warnings_as_errors'],
throwOnWarnings = args['throw_on_warnings'],
throwOnErrors = args['throw_on_errors'],
verbose = args['verbose'],
checked = args['checked'],
lessSupport = args['less'],
useColors = args['colors'],
polyfill = args['polyfill'],
inputFile = > 0 ?[0] : null;
// tool.dart [options...] <css file>
static PreprocessorOptions parse(List<String> arguments) {
var parser = new ArgParser()
abbr: 'v',
defaultsTo: false,
negatable: false,
help: 'Display detail info')
defaultsTo: false,
negatable: false,
help: 'Validate CSS values invalid value display a warning message')
defaultsTo: true,
negatable: true,
help: 'Supports subset of Less syntax')
defaultsTo: true, help: 'Warnings not displayed')
defaultsTo: false, help: 'Warning handled as errors')
defaultsTo: false, help: 'Throw on errors encountered')
defaultsTo: false, help: 'Throw on warnings encountered')
defaultsTo: true, help: 'Display errors/warnings in colored text')
defaultsTo: false, help: 'Generate polyfill for new CSS features')
abbr: 'h',
defaultsTo: false,
negatable: false,
help: 'Displays this help message');
try {
var results = parser.parse(arguments);
if (results['help'] || == 0) {
return null;
return new PreprocessorOptions.fromArgs(results);
} on FormatException catch (e) {
return null;
static showUsage(parser) {
print('Usage: css [options...] input.css');