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// Copyright (c) 2017, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
/// @assertion Float32List asFloat32List([int offsetInBytes = 0, int length ])
/// Creates a Float32List view of a region of this byte buffer.
/// The view is backed by the bytes of this byte buffer. Any changes made to the
/// Float32List will also change the buffer, and vice versa.
/// @description Checks that method asFloat32List creates a Float32List view of
/// a region of this byte buffer, and any changes made to Float32List will also
/// change the buffer, and vice versa.
/// @author
/// @issue 43204
import "dart:typed_data";
import "../../../Utils/expect.dart";
void check(ByteBuffer buffer) {
int bufSizeInBytes = buffer.lengthInBytes;
var res = buffer.asFloat32List(0);
Float32List res1 = buffer.asFloat32List(0);
int viewSizeInBytes = res.lengthInBytes;
int viewLength = res.length;
int shift = (Float32List.bytesPerElement == 4) ? 2 : 0;
Expect.isTrue(res is Float32List);
Expect.equals(bufSizeInBytes >> shift, viewLength);
if (viewSizeInBytes != 0) {
Expect.equals(res[0], res1[0]);
// set value to the first element of res1
res1[0] = 2.0;
// the first element of res is equal to set value
Expect.equals(2.0, res[0]);
// set value to the last element of res
res[viewLength - 1] = 4.0;
// the last element of res1 is equal to set value
Expect.equals(4.0, res1[viewLength - 1]);
Expect.notEquals(res, res1);
Expect.equals(res.buffer, res1.buffer);
main() {
var list0 = <int>[];
var list1 = new List.filled(5, 0);
var list2 = new List.filled(8, 0);
var list3 = new Int32x4List(1);
var list4 = new Int32x4List(5);
var list5 = new Int32x4List(0);
check((new Int8List.fromList(list0)).buffer);
check((new Int8List.fromList(list1)).buffer);
check((new Int8List.fromList(list2)).buffer);
check((new Int16List.fromList(list0)).buffer);
check((new Int16List.fromList(list1)).buffer);
check((new Int16List.fromList(list2)).buffer);
check((new Int32List.fromList(list0)).buffer);
check((new Int32List.fromList(list1)).buffer);
check((new Int32List.fromList(list2)).buffer);
if(!isJS) {
check((new Int64List.fromList(list0)).buffer);
check((new Int64List.fromList(list1)).buffer);
check((new Int64List.fromList(list2)).buffer);
check((new Int32x4List.fromList(list5)).buffer);
check((new Int32x4List.fromList(list3)).buffer);
check((new Int32x4List.fromList(list4)).buffer);