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* Copyright (c) 2018, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
* for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
* BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
* @assertion The mixin introduced by a mixin declaration contains all the
* non-static members declared by the mixin, just as the mixin derived from a
* class declaration currently does.
* @description Checks that a mixin declaration contains all the non-static
* members declared by the mixin
* @author
import "../../Utils/expect.dart";
class I {
String iProperty = "I property";
String iMethod() => "I method";
String get iGetter => "I getter";
void set iSetter(String val) {}
abstract class J {
String jProperty;
String jMethod();
String get jGetter;
void set jSetter(String val);
class A {
String aProperty = "A property";
String aMethod() => "A method";
String get aGetter => "A getter";
void set aSetter(String val) {}
abstract class B {
String bProperty;
String bMethod();
String get bGetter;
void set bSetter(String);
class C implements A, B {
String iProperty = "C I property";
String iMethod() => "C I method";
String get iGetter => "C I getter";
void set iSetter(String val) {}
String jProperty = "C J property";
String jMethod() => "C J method";
String get jGetter => "C J getter";
void set jSetter(String) {}
String aProperty = "C A property";
String aMethod() => "C A method";
String get aGetter => "C A getter";
void set aSetter(String) {}
String bProperty = "C B property";
String bMethod() => "C B method";
String get bGetter => "C B getter";
void set bSetter(String) {}
mixin M on A, B implements I, J {
String mProperty = "M property";
String mMethod() => "M method";
String get mGetter => "M getter";
void set mSetter(String val) {}
class MA extends C with M {
test() {
Expect.equals("C I property", this.iProperty);
Expect.equals("C I method", this.iMethod());
Expect.equals("C I getter", this.iGetter);
this.iSetter = "x";
Expect.equals("C J property", this.jProperty);
Expect.equals("C J method", this.jMethod());
Expect.equals("C J getter", this.jGetter);
this.jSetter = "x";
Expect.equals("C A property", this.aProperty);
Expect.equals("C A method", this.aMethod());
Expect.equals("C A getter", this.aGetter);
this.aSetter = "x";
Expect.equals("C B property", this.bProperty);
Expect.equals("C B method", this.bMethod());
Expect.equals("C B getter", this.bGetter);
this.bSetter = "x";
Expect.equals("M property", this.mProperty);
Expect.equals("M method", this.mMethod());
Expect.equals("M getter", this.mGetter);
this.mSetter = "x";
main() {
MA ma = new MA();
Expect.equals("C I property", ma.iProperty);
Expect.equals("C I method", ma.iMethod());
Expect.equals("C I getter", ma.iGetter);
ma.iSetter = "x";
Expect.equals("C J property", ma.jProperty);
Expect.equals("C J method", ma.jMethod());
Expect.equals("C J getter", ma.jGetter);
ma.jSetter = "x";
Expect.equals("C A property", ma.aProperty);
Expect.equals("C A method", ma.aMethod());
Expect.equals("C A getter", ma.aGetter);
ma.aSetter = "x";
Expect.equals("C B property", ma.bProperty);
Expect.equals("C B method", ma.bMethod());
Expect.equals("C B getter", ma.bGetter);
ma.bSetter = "x";
Expect.equals("M property", ma.mProperty);
Expect.equals("M method", ma.mMethod());
Expect.equals("M getter", ma.mGetter);
ma.mSetter = "x";