• Allow workers to support running in isolates. To support running in isolates, workers must modify their main method to accept a SendPort then use it when creating the AsyncWorkerConnection. See async_worker in e2e_test.


  • Support protobuf 0.10.0.


  • Set max SDK version to <3.0.0.


  • Added support for protobuf 0.9.0.


  • Update the SDK dependency to 2.0.0-dev.17.0.
  • Update to protobuf version 0.8.0
  • Remove usages of deprecated upper-case constants from the SDK.


  • Update the worker_protocol.pb.dart file with the latest proto generator.


  • Add Future cancel() method to DriverConnection, which in the case of a StdDriverConnection closes the input stream.
    • The terminateWorkers method on BazelWorkerDriver now calls cancel on all worker connections to ensure the vm can exit correctly.


  • Update the BazelWorkerDriver class to handle worker crashes, and retry work requests. The number of retries is configurable with the new int maxRetries optional arg to the BazelWorkerDriver constructor.


  • Update the worker_protocol.pb.dart file with the latest proto generator.
  • Add support for package:async 2.x and package:protobuf 6.x.


  • Change TestStdinAsync.controller to StreamController<List> (instead of using dynamic as the type argument).


  • Added BazelWorkerDriver class, which can be used to implement the bazel side of the protocol. This allows you to speak to any process which knows the bazel protocol from your own process.
  • Changed WorkerConnection#readRequest to return a FutureOr<WorkRequest> instead of dynamic.


  • Add automatic intercepting of print calls and append them to response.output. This makes more libraries work out of the box, as printing would previously cause an error due to communication over stdin/stdout.
    • Note that using stdin/stdout directly will still cause an error, but that is less common.


  • Add better handling for the case where stdin gives an error instead of an EOF.


  • Export AsyncMessageGrouper and SyncMessageGrouper as part of the testing library. These can assist when writing e2e tests and communicating with a worker process.


  • Initial version.