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// Copyright (c) 2016, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:async';
import 'capture_sink.dart';
import 'capture_transformer.dart';
import 'error.dart';
import 'release_sink.dart';
import 'release_transformer.dart';
import 'value.dart';
import '../stream_sink_transformer.dart';
/// The result of a computation.
/// Capturing a result (either a returned value or a thrown error) means
/// converting it into a [Result] - either a [ValueResult] or an [ErrorResult].
/// This value can release itself by writing itself either to a [EventSink] or a
/// [Completer], or by becoming a [Future].
/// A [Future] represents a potential result, one that might not have been
/// computed yet, and a [Result] is always a completed and available result.
abstract class Result<T> {
/// A stream transformer that captures a stream of events into [Result]s.
/// The result of the transformation is a stream of [Result] values and no
/// error events. This is the transformer used by [captureStream].
static const StreamTransformer<Object, Result<Object>>
captureStreamTransformer = CaptureStreamTransformer<Object>();
/// A stream transformer that releases a stream of result events.
/// The result of the transformation is a stream of values and error events.
/// This is the transformer used by [releaseStream].
static const StreamTransformer<Result<Object>, Object>
releaseStreamTransformer = ReleaseStreamTransformer<Object>();
/// A sink transformer that captures events into [Result]s.
/// The result of the transformation is a sink that only forwards [Result]
/// values and no error events.
static const StreamSinkTransformer<Object, Result<Object>>
captureSinkTransformer =
StreamSinkTransformer<Object, Result<Object>>.fromStreamTransformer(
/// A sink transformer that releases result events.
/// The result of the transformation is a sink that forwards of values and
/// error events.
static const StreamSinkTransformer<Result<Object>, Object>
releaseSinkTransformer =
StreamSinkTransformer<Result<Object>, Object>.fromStreamTransformer(
/// Creates a `Result` with the result of calling [computation].
/// This generates either a [ValueResult] with the value returned by
/// calling `computation`, or an [ErrorResult] with an error thrown by
/// the call.
factory Result(T Function() computation) {
try {
return ValueResult<T>(computation());
} catch (e, s) {
return ErrorResult(e, s);
/// Creates a `Result` holding a value.
/// Alias for [ValueResult.ValueResult].
factory Result.value(T value) = ValueResult<T>;
/// Creates a `Result` holding an error.
/// Alias for [ErrorResult.ErrorResult].
factory Result.error(Object error, [StackTrace stackTrace]) =>
ErrorResult(error, stackTrace);
/// Captures the result of a future into a `Result` future.
/// The resulting future will never have an error.
/// Errors have been converted to an [ErrorResult] value.
static Future<Result<T>> capture<T>(Future<T> future) {
return future.then((value) => ValueResult(value),
onError: (error, stackTrace) => ErrorResult(error, stackTrace));
/// Captures each future in [elements],
/// Returns a (future of) a list of results for each element in [elements],
/// in iteration order.
/// Each future in [elements] is [capture]d and each non-future is
/// wrapped as a [Result.value].
/// The returned future will never have an error.
static Future<List<Result<T>>> captureAll<T>(Iterable<FutureOr<T>> elements) {
var results = <Result<T>>[];
var pending = 0;
Completer<List<Result<T>>> completer;
for (var element in elements) {
if (element is Future<T>) {
var i = results.length;
Result.capture<T>(element).then((result) {
results[i] = result;
if (--pending == 0) {
} else {
if (pending == 0) {
return Future<List<Result<T>>>.value(results);
completer = Completer<List<Result<T>>>();
return completer.future;
/// Releases the result of a captured future.
/// Converts the [Result] value of the given [future] to a value or error
/// completion of the returned future.
/// If [future] completes with an error, the returned future completes with
/// the same error.
static Future<T> release<T>(Future<Result<T>> future) =>
future.then<T>((result) => result.asFuture);
/// Captures the results of a stream into a stream of [Result] values.
/// The returned stream will not have any error events.
/// Errors from the source stream have been converted to [ErrorResult]s.
static Stream<Result<T>> captureStream<T>(Stream<T> source) =>
/// Releases a stream of [result] values into a stream of the results.
/// `Result` values of the source stream become value or error events in
/// the returned stream as appropriate.
/// Errors from the source stream become errors in the returned stream.
static Stream<T> releaseStream<T>(Stream<Result<T>> source) =>
/// Releases results added to the returned sink as data and errors on [sink].
/// A [Result] added to the returned sink is added as a data or error event
/// on [sink]. Errors added to the returned sink are forwarded directly to
/// [sink] and so is the [EventSink.close] calls.
static EventSink<Result<T>> releaseSink<T>(EventSink<T> sink) =>
/// Captures the events of the returned sink into results on [sink].
/// Data and error events added to the returned sink are captured into
/// [Result] values and added as data events on the provided [sink].
/// No error events are ever added to [sink].
/// When the returned sink is closed, so is [sink].
static EventSink<T> captureSink<T>(EventSink<Result<T>> sink) =>
/// Converts a result of a result to a single result.
/// If the result is an error, or it is a `Result` value
/// which is then an error, then a result with that error is returned.
/// Otherwise both levels of results are value results, and a single
/// result with the value is returned.
static Result<T> flatten<T>(Result<Result<T>> result) {
if (result.isValue) return result.asValue.value;
return result.asError;
/// Converts a sequence of results to a result of a list.
/// Returns either a list of values if [results] doesn't contain any errors,
/// or the first error result in [results].
static Result<List<T>> flattenAll<T>(Iterable<Result<T>> results) {
var values = <T>[];
for (var result in results) {
if (result.isValue) {
} else {
return result.asError;
return Result<List<T>>.value(values);
/// Whether this result is a value result.
/// Always the opposite of [isError].
bool get isValue;
/// Whether this result is an error result.
/// Always the opposite of [isValue].
bool get isError;
/// If this is a value result, returns itself.
/// Otherwise returns `null`.
ValueResult<T> get asValue;
/// If this is an error result, returns itself.
/// Otherwise returns `null`.
ErrorResult get asError;
/// Completes a completer with this result.
void complete(Completer<T> completer);
/// Adds this result to an [EventSink].
/// Calls the sink's `add` or `addError` method as appropriate.
void addTo(EventSink<T> sink);
/// A future that has been completed with this result as a value or an error.
Future<T> get asFuture;